Therapy at 3:30 today. Then I have to go to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. It’s going to be late when I get home.  We finally got the tree put up last night. I was afraid to do that because of the 8 kittens in the house who have never seen a Christmas tree. However…it is not decorated yet. When we plugged it in, we could only get about half of the lights to work. Now..this is a pre-lit tree. I’m not supposed to have to add lights. But the lights on this tree only lasted a couple of years before I was having to fix and/or add lights. So the plan is to go to Hobby Lobby and get all new LED lights. It’s going to be a job, but I plan to take all the old lights off and toss them. The LED lights are supposed to burn about 4,000 hours. This is what our tree is supposed to look like (yes, it looks the same every year): Our tree small  Bethany ordered the DVD of the group “Straight No Chaser,” and we are watching them now. They are just good.  I miss singing in a really good choir. I sing a lot in church, but we are extremely small and don’t really have a lot of good singers. I was telling Pottermom earlier that I sang many years ago, in a choir at Jones Hall in Houston with the Houston Symphony. And I sang in a smaller Philharmonic Chorale for several years. I would not be able to keep up with all that now, since I have so many health problems, including asthma and COPD. But I really miss it. Especially around Christmas.



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  1. I really like your tree.  IT is very pretty. 
    RYC:  I work in the Food and Nutrition Department at the Hospital.  I put together the patient trays and even deliver at times.  I like my job and have been there 4 years now.  Take care.  I hope that Therapy is going well.  Blessings and Hugs!

  2. @BluebirdChris – Thanks. Actually, this is a pic of my tree about 4 years ago, but it looks the same every year. This year it has taken me much longer to put up the tree and decorations. After the surgery and with all my therapy, I just haven’t felt much like it. The tree is sitting there, like yours, waiting for ornaments. I picked up some more shatter-proof ornaments at Walmart today. But I have a lot of breakable ornaments. I might have to break some cats. 😮

  3. @DanishDoll – 
    sing along, but only when I am alone
    😆 Paula (heyheypaula) told me she can sing….on a hill far away. 😆 I LOVE to sing the Messiah. One year our choir did it, and I put so much of myself into it, I literally lost my voice. :oh-no:

  4. I need to post the pictures I put up on Facebook of my Christmas tree that I just got for my apartment. Along with my brand new bed that I got for my apartment (which, I know, isn’t Christmas related but hey, I’m darn happy about the bed, okay? )

  5. :goodjob:Pretty tree! Our tree and deco will be done on either Wed or Thurs. Then Fri. we see Shaun at the “welcome home ceremony”! :love::heartbeat: Sometime you need to record yourself, and put up a video on Xanga so we can hear you (& Beth, too)! :yes:

  6. @JusticeMom – I assume you mean of us singing. There are already 3 videos in my video blog. Two of them are us singing together in 2002, in our Easter play. The other is Beth singing at a memorial service for one of our members. She was crying a little in the video. I wish you could have heard her sing “Thank You for Giving to the Lord” for Paula on Saturday.

  7. I wish you could have heard her sing . . . for Paula (Me, too. That means I’d have been with all of you, IN PERSON, and also I’d have heard Beth in person, too!) I’ll check those videos now.:yes:

  8. @wolfpacwife14 – ðŸ˜† The tree itself survives cats every year. However…there are individual ornaments that don’t make it. :oh-no:
    Yes, I have both asthma and COPD. That’s actually just a fancy way of saying damage done to my lungs from chronic bronchitis. They don’t stretch as much as they use to, so they don’t hold as much air.

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