Santa on a Firetruck

I will try go get around to see everybody tomorrow. Tonight I have been working on my page of a family site that my aunt set up. There are branches of our family that don’t see each other very often anymore, so this is an easy way to keep up with everybody. I gave her my Xanga site name, so maybe she will come by. Hi, Carolyn!
Every December in our city, Santa comes around on the firetruck decorated with lights. He and his elves throw candy and sometimes toys, to everybody that comes out to watch. Eventhough I’m not exactly a kid anymore, I still love to watch Santa on the firetruck. They use to use the ladder truck, and it was gorgeous decorated with all the lights. But one year they got a fire call while they were out tossing candy off the truck. The firemen were racing down Hwy 225, ripping lights off the truck. The next year they began to use the smaller trucks. You can GO HERE to read about it. In the past, there have been people who threw things like bricks at the firefighters as they passed by, so the police began to escort them. Santa Around Town has grown to 2 trucks and 4 nights, to cover the entire city. Here are some pictures Bethany took tonight: Santa fire truck 1 Santa fire truck 2 I doubled my pain medication before physical therapy this afternoon, so they could work harder at bending my knee. Two more sessions before I have to go back to the doctor.


17 thoughts on “Santa on a Firetruck

  1. Lights are the best this time of year.  I so like the pics.  I bet that you had a good time.  You did go didn’t you?  I would so come down to TX sometime for warmth.  It has gotten a ltitle better and that I am Thankful for.  I have been though only to McAllen<TX down at the tip.  My Grandparents had a condo down there and spent the winter down there for quite a few years.  Take care.  Blessings. 

  2. @cutiepie1976 – The firetruck comes past our house. That is me (or at least the back of my head) in the second picture. I still like seeing the firetrucks, eventhough I’m not a kid anymore. :giggle:
    If you went to McAllen, you were way further south than we are. We’re just outside Houston.

  3. @buana – It was ok. I had it yesterday, and have it again tomorrow. I can bend my knee a little more each time, but I’m quite sure it’s not going to be enough to satisfy the doctor….or rather, the doctor’s assistant. I usually see him when I go in. I go back to the dr. Monday afternoon. I’ll probably ask the therapist to measure my degree of bend again tomorrow just to see if we have made any progress since last week. Sometimes I get a little discouraged. I would rather just keep up the PT instead of going back in for the dr. to bend it. That requires another hospital admission. Pain in the neck. Or maybe the knee. πŸ˜† They want to do it Tuesday. But I have to be able to sing the next night at our candlelight service, and I don’t want to be in a lot of pain that night. And Steve can’t take off work that day, anyway. I don’t want to go back into surgery without him there.

  4. :heartbeat: Very pretty… I’m looking forward to going and seeing the Christmas lights with the family… we try to do that every year as sort of a tradition… Have a great weekend… love you all!

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