I have to leave in an hour to go to physical therapy. I have one more PT session before I see the doctor. They are still going to want me to go back to the hospital for a “manipulation.”
Then tonight, a few of us from church are going Christmas caroling. We plan to visit on of our members who is in a nursing home. She just turned 90 years old last month. After the caroling, we will meet back at the church for hot chocolate and cookies. And guess who still has to go pick up the hot chocolate and a few cookies? Mmhmmm…..
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From Family Research Council…….

A Home Remedy for America’s Problems

Church attendance is good for the soul, but a new study by FRC shows that it’s also good for American schools. In a special edition of Dr. Pat Fagan’s Mapping America, Drs. Nicholas Zill and Philip Fletcher found a startling discrepancy between children who live with both biological parents and attend religious services weekly and those from broken homes who worship less frequently.

With data from the National Survey of Children’s Health, Zill and Fletcher found that students from intact, churchgoing families are five times less likely to repeat a grade. Less than a quarter of these parents (21%) were contacted by their child’s school for behavior or achievement problems, compared to 53 percent whose kids were not living with both parents and not attending church services regularly. There was even a noticeable difference in the level of parents’ stress. The more frequently a family worships together, the less anxiety moms and dads report about their kids’ school performance.

Perhaps even more surprising is that these differences held even after controlling for family income and poverty, parents’ education level, race, and ethnicity. As Mapping America illustrates, church and family are the perfect prescription for many social ills. Children thrive, the family bond strengthens, school success skyrockets, and the nation reaps the reward. As Dr. Fagan says, the intact married families who worship weekly are the greatest generator of human goods in the land. We encourage policy makers to strongly consider whether their proposals support such a family structure. It is to society’s advantage that they do.

Additional Resources
SPECIAL REPORT: National Survey of Children’s Health Finds That Children and Parents of the Religious Intact Family Do Best on Child Development


On a West Wing and a Prayer

President-elect Obama has asked the Reverend Rick Warren, pastor of California’s Saddleback Church and bestselling author of The Purpose-Driven Life, to deliver the invocation at Obama’s inauguration next month. I’m heartened by his choice of one of America’s leading evangelical pastors-who is pro-life and pro-marriage-for this honor. It was magnanimous of Obama, in light of the fact that his debate with John McCain at Warren’s church in August was one of the high points of the campaign-for McCain. (This was the event where Warren asked, “When does life begin?” and Obama replied that the question is “above my pay grade.”) Warren has distanced himself from the “religious right” by emphasizing issues more popular with liberals, such as AIDS relief and global warming. But he has also been consistent in his support for the unborn and for the natural definition of marriage. This has led left-wing groups like People for the American Way and the Human Rights Campaign to complain about Obama’s invitation to Warren. In a letter to President-elect Obama, Joe Solmonese challenged the selection of Warren saying, “Rick Warren has not sat on the sidelines in the fight for basic equality and fairness. In fact, Rev. Warren spoke out vocally in support of Prop 8 in California saying, ‘there is no need to change the universal, historical definition of marriage to appease 2 percent of our population … This is not a political issue — it is a moral issue that God has spoken clearly about.’ Furthermore, he continues to misrepresent marriage equality as silencing his religious views. This was a lie during the battle over Proposition 8, and it’s a lie today.” Solmonese’s desire to exclude Pastor Warren from the inaugural, based upon his religious convictions, proves the validity of the concerns over the homosexual desire to silence the Church. Let’s hope that Rick Warren will use his channel of communication to the new President to press him for more pro-family policies-rather than simply being used by Mr. Obama to make political inroads with evangelicals.

For Pro-Lifers, an Early Christmas Present 

President Bush’s days may be numbered, but not his pro-life influence. In a monumental decision that will be felt well into the next administration, the White House-with the cooperation of the Department of Health and Human Services-made good on its promise to protect the faith and conscience of health care workers. Today, the President fulfilled our longstanding request to issue new rules that reinforce the rights of doctors, pharmacists, technicians, and even receptionists. Earlier this fall, FRC had filed comments with HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt, encouraging the agency to move forward with the rules. We applaud both him and President Bush for seeing the directive through to its completion.

This is a huge victory for religious freedom and the First Amendment. No one should be forced to have an abortion, and no one should be forced to be an abortionist. These regulations will ensure that conscience protection statutes will be strongly enforced by the government just as other civil rights laws are. It’s also a victory for the right of patients to choose doctors who agree with their personal beliefs. Unfortunately, the lack of regulations had created some confusion in the health care community, leaving medical professionals vulnerable to discrimination, and, in some cases, forcing them to drop their specialties at a crucial time for health care provision.

Protecting the right of all health care providers to make professional judgments based on their moral convictions is foundational to federal law. The next administration will inherit these rules, and we strongly urge President-elect Obama to defend them. True tolerance would allow the choice of conscience to be defined by individuals-not the government.

Authoring a Health Care Disaster? 

Critical is more than the name of Tom Daschle’s book on health care reform; it’s also some readers’ reaction. In the Los Angeles Times, a reporter reviews the book’s push for immediate health reform without input. In Critical, Daschle explains how to best undermine any objections to the liberals’ plan, including a strategy for cutting off Senate debate. Health care reform, which tops Barack Obama’s to-do list, is already highly controversial.

In Daschle’s book, the former Senate majority leader recommends the creation of a Federal Health Board to regulate which “treatments and procedures are most cost-effective.” He also suggests that we empower the Board to make medical decisions without legislative consent. The move would sidestep virtually any accountability from Congress or the American people. It would also serve as the first step toward force-feeding universal health coverage to the nation. We should all be deeply troubled about the direction of Obama’s health care overhaul. Daschle’s book did get one thing right: “This means going on the offensive.” FRC plans to do exactly that to protect American families’ autonomy.

C.S.I.: Indiana 

Lila Rose, President of Live Action and student at UCLA, continues to prove why she’s an excellent selection for next month’s Gerard Health Life Awards. This week, Rose released the second in a series of incriminating videos against Indiana’s Planned Parenthood clinics. Posing as a 13-year-old girl, Lila tells an Indianapolis clinic worker that she was impregnated by a 31-year-old man. Two clinic workers were caught on tape stating that they “don’t care” about the age difference, despite the state law requiring that they report statutory rape and sexual abuse. “The surrounding states don’t have parental consent,” one employee says quietly. “I can’t tell you anymore.” The video is a serious blow to an already embattled Planned Parenthood in Indiana, where a Bloomington clinic worker was recorded encouraging an actress to lie about her boyfriend’s age. She was fired by the clinic’s management, but Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter promised a thorough probe.

Lila says she has plenty of other videos documenting “the pattern of law-breaking within Planned Parenthood.” With each one, Capitol Hill’s involvement becomes all the more urgent. Had this been wrongdoing on a pro-lifer’s part, Congress’s reaction would be swift and decisive. We demand the same justice for an organization whose scandals U.S. taxpayers help fund. Contact your leaders and ask them to suspend Planned Parenthood subsidies and launch a cross-country investigation. Liberals claim to care about women’s health and safety. Now is the time to prove it.



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  1. @DanishDoll – Well, at least our youth/music minister’s son made homemade butter cookies. His mom has been making them every Christmas, and she taught him how to make them. She said he made a double batch. And I picked up the good chocolate ones at the store. Not the Chips Ahoy in a bag, but bakery cookies. I did not have time to make any. And I got LOTS of hot chocolate!

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