Not Caturday

11:00 p.m…..Not resting. Rearranging furniture. Twisted my knee once. Made note to self not to do that again.


I got this article from pottermom. It’s very good:

As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God


3 thoughts on “Not Caturday

  1. :what:  This is me shaking my head at you.  Girlfriend, I don’t really think you need to be moving furniture!  The twisted knee thing….God has a way of getting our attention when we do stupid things.  :hammer:

  2. @chatcat42 – ðŸ˜† Yes, mom…..:giggle:
    @wolfpacwife14 – ðŸ˜† Actually, I am supposed to be doing my normal things. The doctor and therapists just don’t know what my normal things are 😆 I didn’t twist it very bad…just enough to know I shouldn’t have done it. I turned to the side without moving my foot enough. The implant is cemented in, so it is unlikely to come loose. And the part that replaces the cartlege is made to pivot slightly so I can turn to the side. It’s just a little soon to do that….at least for me.
    I am seeing other knee patients whose surgery was long after mine, come and go at therapy. One lady I have made friends with only has 2 more sessions. I told them I will probably be there forever. :what: 😥

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