More prayer, please…

 Whatever it is

Not much in a posting mood today. But I will anyway.

I did not go to therapy yesterday because I started getting sick. I was getting ready, when I just decided I did not feel like going. They have switched me from regular therapy sessions to just using the facility like an open gym. The physical therapist, Shauna, said she thought I was ready for that.

But as it turns out, I’m not going to actually work out on the machines tomorrow, either. I had some minor surgery on 2 toes today, that I did not expect, done by the same doctor that did Beth’s ankle surgery. He told me to go home and put my feet up. There’s been a lot of bleeding and swelling (not to mention pain), so I think I’ll just skip therapy tomorrow, too. The doctor thought it was a little strange to be seeing me as the patient today, rather than Beth.

But we are going to run by the therapy place because it is the last day of work for one of our favorite therapy techs. His name is Cruz. He is going to school to become a Physical Therapy Assistant, and it is time for him to do some hospital rotations. He and his wife are having their first baby, so Beth and I are going to take him a baby gift. The baby is a little girl.

Beth ran errands for me today since I did not feel much like walking.

Our friend, Mark (from church) called yesterday to say he is once again being investigated by Children’s Protective Services. This is round 2 for this. And it isn’t even because of anything that’s actually been done. It is because his mother-in-law and sister-in-law (who are not Christians, by the way), have filed another false report with CPS. The police have already been out and told Mark it looks like a bogus report to them, but yesterday CPS came out. The inlaws are alleging medical and dental neglect of the children.

Of course, that’s just completely ridiculous, and CPS should know that from their last investigation. But they are required to respond. See, the inlaws are extremely hateful people (we know them), and they are simply trying to break up the family of a man who is trying to live a Christian life. The inlaws are not really concerned about the well-being of all 3 kids. They only want to take the girls. They want the older girl, who turns 17 on Saturday, to come live with them. They want the younger girl (age 14) to go live with her biological father, eventhough he doesn’t want her, and Mark legally adopted her. They don’t want to take Mark’s biological son out of the house, so you know they are not really concerned about perceived threats to the welfare of the kids. The 2 girls are his wife’s biological daughters and he adopted both of them. His inlaws are just being used by Satan to try to break up a family.

So please pray for Mark. He really needs it. His dad just died about 5 weeks ago, and now this. He said Friday night that he can’t get the picture out of his mind of finding his dad on the floor in a puddle of blood, the night he died. (We think he had a stroke while standing in his kitchen, and fell backwards onto a tile floor.)

But through all of this, he can still laugh. He knows he’s being tested. And he knows who his deliverer is.

Isa 41:13…..13 For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. NIV


From the Family Research Council:

Republican’ts: GOP Surrenders on Cabinet Nominees 

Yesterday’s confirmation hearings for Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Education-designate Arne Duncan looked more like a love fest than the vetting that is associated with confirmations. For the second day, Republicans completely failed to pressure the liberal nominees on any of the important social and family issues they’ll face in their respective departments.

At Clinton’s hearing, no mention was made of the dangerous CEDAW treaty (the U.N.’s so-called Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women). Although the U.S. has never ratified it, Clinton would likely pursue CEDAW, flinging open the doors even wider to international abortion policy. Nor has the U.S. ratified the U.N.’s so-called Convention on the Rights of the Child (CROC), which doesn’t recognize a child’s right to be born or acknowledge the child’s right to be a child–that is, the right not to be bombarded by sexualized imagery. Not a single leader pressed Hillary on the infamous “Red Cable,” which was sent to every U.S. Embassy by her husband’s administration back in 1994, ordering all U.S. ambassadors and consuls to press their host countries to legalize abortion-on-demand. Hillary told Newsweek that year that abortion was “wrong.” You heard no echo of that in the ostrich-like performance of the “loyal opposition” on Capitol Hill yesterday. In fact, the only question that mildly approached our issues was posed by Clinton’s own party on the subject of transgender partner benefits!

When Arne Duncan appeared before senators, Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander (R) went out of his way to praise Duncan, gushing, “I think you’re the best.” No one thought to press the Chicago schools chief on his proposal to create a special “gay” high school. The only delay for the Obama Express came when the Senate Finance Committee learned that Treasury nominee Timothy Geithner had failed to pay income taxes for several years in the nineties. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) dismissed this as a mere “hiccup” on the road to confirmation. This for the man whose agency runs the IRS! Don’t try this at home: telling the tax man you had the “hiccups” and failed to pay $48,000 in taxes. If Geithner can’t control his own tax dollars, how can he be trusted with billions of ours?

Patience in Taxing 

Chalk it up in the good news department. President-elect Obama has indicated that he is dropping a proposal from his stimulus package that helps businesses – but in the wrong way. The plan, which Obama described on the campaign trail, would give U.S. businesses a one-time tax credit for hiring workers here in the United States. A hiring incentive like this sounds like a good idea, but apparently Obama’s advisers persuaded him that administering it fairly would be a nightmare. How would the government know it was not being maneuvered by businesses that were manipulating hiring and rehiring decisions just to get the new $3,000 credit? The dropping of the hiring credit should not be the last word, however. If another stimulus package is truly needed, it should address deeper problems like the steep corporate tax rate that inhibits businesses of all kinds from opening, expanding, or relocating here. Our tax code penalizes capital formation and draconian new environmental rules like cap-and-trade will only make matters worse.

We also need to see an extension of the looming expiration date for the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that raised the child tax credit, ended the marriage penalty, and eased death taxes, which punish small family businesses. These cuts should be made permanent so that families and business owners can count on them. We have nothing to fear but uncertainty itself, and Obama has a fresh chance to reassure the nation that he “gets it” on pro-growth tax policy.

The Maine Event for Marriage 

Powerful groups like the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation (GLAAD) are making good on their promise to take the battle for marriage into the Northeast, where the conservative base seems weakest. Yesterday, the Left accomplished the first in a long line of national assaults on the family by introducing a senate bill to legalize counterfeit marriage in Maine.

While Maine might be the most politically vulnerable state, the path to abolish marriage there may not be as smooth as liberals had hoped. The misnamed “Act to End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom” requires a majority vote for passage. In its current form, the bill (specifically listed as 19-A M.R.S.A. ?652) would overturn the state Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and codify civil marriage as the legal union of two people; allow any two eligible people, regardless of sex, to apply for a marriage license. In an attempt to counter the growing awareness that same-sex marriage and religious liberty cannot co-exist, the bill say the law will “protect” churches from participating in marriage ceremonies that violate their teachings; of course, such language could easily be dismissed by a court. The measure also states it would recognize out-of-state marriages, including gay marriages.

Unfortunately, Maine Gov. John Baldacci (D), a longtime opponent of same-sex “marriage,” appears to have lost his voice on the issue at a critical juncture in the debate. In a statement yesterday, he backed away from his traditional leanings, saying, “I’m not prepared to say I support gay marriage today, but I will consider what I hear as the Legislature works to find the best way to address discrimination.” Address discrimination? In other words, Baldacci now believes that creating public policy to defend strong, mother-and-father homes, which are the safest and healthiest environment for children, is prejudice akin to Jim Crow laws? FRC will be doing everything within its power to combat this wave of political correctness. In the meantime, help our friends on the ground by contacting your local Maine senators and asking them to oppose 19-A M.R.S.A. ?652. To find your member, log on to the Maine statehouse web site at


10 thoughts on “More prayer, please…

  1. Oh no…Surgery on your toes?!  I am so sorry to hear this, Cindy…We have got to get you back up and running and SOON!  And I join with you in prayer for Mark…I am praying for you, too…Love ya muchliest–paula sue

  2. Gosh, more surgery…poor thing..hope you’re pain has lessened.  I will be praying for Mark…that’s so sad, but gotta love his attitude and his faith in the Lord.  He is a wonderful example.  Blessings and :heartbeat:

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