Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

(Edit: For those of you who don’t know Debbie, her Xanga is DKT1978.)

Debbie and John got married Saturday, January 17, 2009. It was a beautiful wedding. They are now honeymooning in Galveston.


On the bridge


At the mirror

Her cousin Michelle, and Michelle’s husband, Tony, were the attendants. The minister was another cousin. The entire wedding was done by family.

Debbie’s father, Tom, did not get to come to the wedding, because he fell on Monday and was injured. So an uncle walked her down the aisle, and they called her dad on the cell phone, putting it on speaker so all could hear. The minister asked if he gave his daughter in marriage, and we heard….”Yup!” He had said that he was going to answer, “Take her and run!”


The newly married Debbie and John…

Debbie and John

There was lots of kissing going on in this wedding! Actually, the photographer told both couples to give a kiss….

lots of kissing

The wedding party:

wedding party

One more kiss….

The kiss

John’s brother and his wife came from Alabama for the wedding. John did not know they were coming. Debbie was sneaky.

The Smiths

The goblets were so cute. Her’s had a veil and his had the front of a tux, with the bow tie. The cake top was a bride dragging the groom by the coat, and there were “fingernail marks” in the icing, where he was trying to resist.

cutting the cake

Debbie called the groom’s cake “Death by Chocolate.”

Death by chocolate

She couldn’t resist putting a little icing on his nose:

open wide

say ahhhhh

Simple gold bands:


You can see all the bubbles people were blowing…

tiny bubbles

And Debbie wanted a picture of us together. On the back: Bethany and Steve; front: me, Debbie and John.

Hartmans and Smiths

We told Debbie it was ok to miss church in the morning!  



30 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

  1. @Jess_uh_kuh – It really was pretty. And it was just a simple wedding. She didn’t want to wear the traditional wedding dress, because she said that was for young girls that are getting married. She chose a simple dress, that I have alwas liked. It’s from the Roaman’s catalogue. And she just wanted baby’s breath in her hair. Her matron of honor can wear that red dress lots of times, since it’s not a traditional bridesmaid’s dress that just hangs in the closet. And the guys didn’t spend a fortune on tuxes…they just wore suits. The wedding chapel does all the decorating, so that was easy for them.

  2. The pics are great.  It looks like everything went well and she was a beautiful bride.  I am sure that marriage is suiting her well.  Have a good week.  Take care.  Thank you for sharing the pics.  Blessings. 

  3. Cindy,What a beautiful wedding dress! And the red roses look gorgeous!I can imagine that your son and his wife found lovely things on Ebay for their wedding. You can find some wonderful items and for good prices. I’m enjoying ebay but I just need to be careful not to buy too much! :lookaround:Gina

  4. Well Cindy, you may be a Hartman, but you did that wedding Justice ~ I know, for a fact! :lol::laugh::lol: What a very beautiful wedding! I love her dress, and really ~ why spend so much on a tux, when a suit looks just as fine can be! I liked the idea of the goblets ~ how cool is that?! :goodjob: There was lots of love there, I could see! And they are one fine looking couple! Debbie looked absolutely beautiful and glowing, just like a bride should!! :flirty: Of course, I also enjoyed the picture of the 3 of you with the special couple! And finally ~ how very magnanimous of you to give them a break on Sunday! πŸ˜€ :love:

  5. @JusticeMom – :ROTFL: Last Sunday we were in Sunday School, and I said, “So can we assume you won’t be here next Sunday?” She just kind of grinned and said, “Yeah, we’ll be at the Galvez.” So I reminded her as they got in the car to leave that we would not look for them Sunday morning :giggle: But her cousin, Michelle, told her they had school on Sunday. Debbie homeschools Michelle’s kids. πŸ˜† When they left, Debbie was driving, since it was her car. Tony (Michelle’s hubby) said, “I’ve never seen Debbie drive so fast!” She was in a hurry. I was looking last night at the pic of her uncle walking her down the aisle, and it looks like she is dragging HIM down the aisle πŸ˜† Looks like she wanted to get this show on the road! I’m gonna give her a hard time about that!
    Michelle did all the wedding arranging, and making the flowers, and she did a beautiful job.

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