Happy birthday, Rachael

Now HERE is a legitimate reason to request that people recommend or star your post. It’s not so they can get more comments or more footprints. It’s so someone who could die can get help. 

Happy birthday to our daughter-in-law, Rachael. She is 27 today.

Rach collage

We went to Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse last night to celebrate. She was in the mood for a good t-bone steak, but they took that off their menu! They put a porterhouse steak on the menu to take its place, but that thing was humongous….20 oz. That’s too big. So she ordered a sirloin that the waitress recommended, but she said it tasted more like brisket than a steak. So I know that dinner was not really what she likes. We’ll fix some t-bones for the Valentine Banquet at church, so that should help her craving.

Rach, here’s a scripture just for your birthday:

Prov 31:25…..25 She is a woman of strength and dignity and has no fear of old age. TLB

(She works till 6:00, so she can’t get me yet.)

I spoke to our pastor yesterday about possibly having Gabe come down in a few months and do a concert/mini-revival/probably whatever he wants to do at our church. That would be fun. It would be something different, and we’d actually get to meet him. If you’d like to read more about him, go HERE. Click on his bio. And then click on “writing” and read some of his stories. They are good. When I got up today, I had his song “If Something Good Comes Out of This” running through my head. I had watched the video a couple of days ago, and I guess it stuck. Thanks a lot, Gabe.   And Gabe…if you come down, we feed real well

President Bush has cut the sentences of the border patrol agents Ramos and Compean. We had petitioned him to pardon these men, but the article said they were apparently not eligible for a pardon. I don’t know why. Here’s the article:

Bush cuts sentences of Ramos, Compean

I had another strange dream about 3 nights ago, that involved Ethan.  All my dreams about him have been weird. I don’t know what to do to stop them. You guys know he is in the Air Force. Well….in this dream, different branches of the military were giving a concert. An outdoor concert. And Ethan did a solo. I’m sure that’s because we have teased him so many times about not knowing the words to Amazing Grace (I have not thought about that in a long time, so I don’t know why I dreamed it). And it was not Amazing Grace that he sang in the dream. I don’t remember what it was. But I remember thinking it was decent, and he knew the words. In the dream, it seemed important to him to prove to us that he really could sing.  Also in the dream, my nephew, Jeremy, was a cop. Strange. Very strange. It’s my nephew, Michael, that is a cop. I guess my mind just got my nephews mixed up. I told you it was a strange dream.

I have had so much trouble sleeping lately. I just lie awake, or I doze off, but wake up again in a few minutes. I’ve had insomnia all my life, and it’s worse some times than others, but it’s getting real old. The same sleeping meds I’ve been using for years have not been helping. So I wondered if maybe my pain medication could be the problem. I have taken hydrocodone many times in the past, and it made me a little sleepy in larger doses. But something told me to research. So I did. And sure enough….in some people, taking hydrocodone over a long period of time, can have the opposite effect that it does in most people…it causes insomnia. Now in my family, we are wired backwards anyway. We have a host of neurological problems, and sedatives can have the opposite effect. That’s the way it works for people who take Ritalin or other ADD meds…it is actually a stimulant that has the opposite effect for people with ADD. That runs in my family. And I have epilepsy. For me, certain central nervous system depressant drugs like Robaxin, are actually excitatory to the nervous system after 5 days. That’s not good for an epileptic. Because of my epilepsy, I must get a certain amount of sleep, or I will have seizures. So I feel like I am going around in a vicious circle. So last night, I stopped taking the pain med before bed. I did sleep a little longer between waking up, so maybe tonight will be a little better.

Bethany just took Baby Kitty over to Rachael’s clinic, so she can do bloodwork. Baby Kitty got shot with a pellet gun about 2 weeks ago. We saw him limping some, but it has always been normal for Baby to get in fights with other cats and get hurt. But this time, it seemed worse and lasted longer. We told Rach, and she took him for x-rays Saturday. Sure enough, he has a large pellet lodged under one shoulder blade. It went in through the opposite shoulder, but missed his lungs and heart. He’s actually a very lucky kitty. So they did some minor surgery on the wound and he’s on medication for 2 weeks. The pellet will stay there.

Prov 12:10…..10 A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. NIV

Ok…I’m off to tear up more flooring. I am ripping up the wood parquet floor in our dining area. It got messed up by water that drained from a small refrigerator, after Hurricane Ike. It buckled the floor. I am replacing it with porcelain and slate tiles, which won’t be hurt by water. Last night I was ripping up flooring, and twisted my knee slightly. Man-made knees do not swivel as well as God-made knees



14 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Rachael

  1. First, I love the saying at the top of your page.  In fact, i may very well change my signature on my email to say that.
    Second, happy birthday to your daughter in law!!  I love Texas Land and Cattle!!

  2. @Papillon_Mom – Thank you. You are very welcome to take that saying. It was sent to me in an email by a friend named Paula (“heyheypaula” on Xanga.)
    I know Rachael will appreciate the birthday wish! If you would like to tell her directly, her Xanga is “sweetheart011982.” :wave:

  3. @Dare2BDiferentt – Well thank you :wave: I think it will be a good birthday. She was craving pizza, so my son ordered that and made her a birthday cake. She came over earlier and shared some cheesecake with us, that one of her co-workers had bought. It was wonderful!

  4. Cindy ~ I was going to be so good, & just quickly catch up on what you said, and then get to work on school stuff. (Which I must! I’ve got to get up earlier tomorrow!) So anyway, I’m reading your blog, & I get  hit by one temptation after another, till I can’t take it any more! (1) Strange. Very strange. . . I guess my mind just got . . . mixed up. I told you it was a strange dream. {I am seeing a pattern here; perhaps we need to think about this! :what:}  (2) . . . so much trouble sleeping lately. . . but it’s getting real old. {o.k., in all fairness to me, I think that I might have read I’m instead of it’s! LOL :laugh:} (3) Now by this time, I was starting to get “slap-happy” & having read what I’d read so far, when I got to this next one . . . well, you see this pattern once again! ~ “Now in my family, we are wired backwards anyway” {Mmm… :hmmmmm:another word for strange?} ~ Aw shucks, I’d better be nice, or I’ll never get invited like Gabe just did for a nice meal served by your church! 😥 BTW~ I did go over to his site and also to his YouTube site, & I really enjoyed his music! :goodjob: Well, now I MUST GET BACK TO WORK! :nono: DON’T STOP ME! :hammer: :wave::love: AND sleep well, pretty lady! :sleepy::heartbeat:

  5. @JusticeMom – ðŸ˜†
    I get  hit by one temptation after another, till I can’t take it any more!
    My dear friend, Carolyn….
    1 Cor 10:13….No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. NIV

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