Brown Bags

EDIT: Ok, Carolyn (JusticeMom) asked me to explain brown bag concerts in my post, so here goes: Our  contemporary Christian radio station, KSBJ, puts on Brown Bag lunch concerts. A singer, or a group, will come and give a free concert, originally at lunch time, but now they also have some evening concerts. They are sponsored by Chick-Fil-A, but you don’t have to buy your lunch there. You can bring your own. Most often they have been in the food court of a mall, but the one Tuesday night was at a free-standing Chick-Fil-A.

They take a break halfway through the concert, and they will do autographs. They will also do autographs after the concert. Bethany has gotten soooo many autographs of famous Christian singers. She has also gotten to know a number of the singers this way. Ask Beth about the polka-dotted elephants and the price of tea in China.  That was a conversation she had with Rachel Lampa once. So when she saw her in concert, she gave her a polka-dotted elephant. I believe it was pink and purple, but my memory has been known to fail me.

I can’t even think of all the singers or groups we’ve seen and met…4Him, Chris Rice, PlusOne, Jeremy Camp, Rachel Lampa, Tammy Trent, NewSong, By the Tree, Watermark and many others. These concerts are really a hit with KSBJ listeners.


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What did president tell Supreme Court?

Obama crosses Pelosi on contraception spending


While i was going through pictures I had posted on here, I found these, of well known Christian singers we have met at Brown Bag concerts. The first one is Mark Harris of 4Him. That group is not together anymore, but they were one of my favorites.

markharris small

The next is Jeremy Camp. That was the concert where his manager gave me a free cd for being patient while Beth got an autograph.


Bethany went to the Brown Bag concert Tuesday night to see Kent. She posted about it HERE.

I have a doctor’s appointment in a little while. I’ll post more later.


25 thoughts on “Brown Bags

  1. @DanishDoll – They are usually held at lunch time or dinner time and are free. Although they are most often outside a Chik-fil-a you are free to bring your lunch and enjoy a free concert while eating it. Therefore it’s a “brown bag” concert…..We have seen some great ones. Superchik was the best one I have been to. They were really great and stuck around to talk to all the kids.

  2. @DanishDoll – They use to only hold them at lunchtime, but they now have them at night, too.
    @pottermom – I wonder if I have seen you at brown bags in the past, and did not know who you were? We have been to a lot of them. Several years ago, we saw Jeremy Camp, and Beth always hangs around to get autographs. I just sat and waited for her after the concert, and Jeremy’s manager walked up and handed me a cd. He told me that was for being so patient while she waited for an autograph. So we got a free cd out of that trip.
    THIS POST has pictures of Bethany with several groups at brown bags in the past. Some of them are way in the past, since she’s almost 23 now. She has gotten to know many of the singers (like Plus One, Rachel Lampa and Tammy Trent) and corresponded with them for a long time.
    The one last night was at a free-standing Chick-Fil-A on Garth Rd in Baytown.

  3. @SingingMom – We’ve been to a lot of the concerts too over the past …… gosh, years and years. lol I usually went with my daughter who is 21 now. I have to admit we usually just go to the ones on the north side of downtown though. I don’t relish driving down south if I don’t have to. lol

  4. @pottermom – 😆 I understand not wanting to do the drive. Since we live on the south side, it’s not bad for us to go to Baybrook Mall or Baytown. But we’ve been to Spring, Atascocita, the Galleria to meet with Plus One, First Colony Mall in Sugar Land. We saw Chris Rice and NewSong in Sugar Land. Now if she goes, she usually does it by herself. She wouldn’t drive over to your side of town by herself, though. That’s pretty far.
    I better get with it. Have a dr’s appt. this morning.

  5. Hey.. thanks! Glad you liked the house. We do too We got about 4 to 7 inches.. depending where you are in the area. Then we got ice on top of that. Speaking of the house and West Virginia… the back is “shorter” than the front.. we are on a hill (lol). Have a blessed day and keep Bethany straight! Phil

  6. Luckkkkyyyyyyyyyy! Oh, it must be SO FUN to go to those brown bag deals! Especially to see those “big names”! We never get to go to anything cuz we’re 2 hours away from Phx. and  concerts are always on nights we can’t go. Plus we never have the money for that, including having to spend the night. One of these days, I’d love to take our kids to a really awesome concert. The Brown Bag deal is such a cool idea! Maybe we should move to Texas!!

  7. Obama crosses Pelosi?  Sounds like a real scary movie…. : O
    In all serioussness?  The country is getting scary, the thought of those two in leadership at all, making any kind of decision at all concerning human life.  Frightening. 
    God won’t be mocked though, Sunday’s a comin’

  8. RYC:  Bret has CF Cystic Fibrosis.  That is the reason that whne it gets so cold that he has such trouble breathing. 
     I hope that it was not to bad for you at the Dr. today.  Things are gettng scary esp. with the economy.  I just still though keep trusting in the Lord because I know that he has the last say in all that happens no matter what.  Have a good rest of the week.  Take care.  Blessings.   

  9. That meeting Obama and Biden (pre-Inauguration) had with the 8 Justices of the SCOTUS concerns me very much. How do we know they didn’t work out a deal to accomodate Obama’s lack of eligibility??? Maybe the public flubbing of the swearing-in was STAGED, so that they could have a private “do over’, and who really knows WHAT was said THERE??? Only two witnesses were allowed, you know….

  10. I’m on my way to bed now, but I just wanted to come by and give you a hug! I have been trying to get caught up some on Xanga ~ I’m so far behind on contacting people (not counting folks that I’m in touch with more often with such as you)… I’ll be back tomorrow to read some of your interesting articles, etc. I’m really tired, so need to go to bed now…even before I hear about a “brown bag concert” ~ which is new to me, although I can guess… I assume it is a freeby? Tell more. I hope you get a good sleep tonight. I’m glad we can be joined together in prayer, too. Love you muchliest! Ohio-snowbound! CJ :love::sleepy:

  11. They didn’t do an intermission Tuesday; I don’t know if that’s the way they do them now or just that night. But He played for the whole two hours and then did autographs. First time ever that I didn’t stand in an autograph line. Didn’t even get their signatures when we were hanging around in Chick-Fil-A.

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