Childproof Drawer…and a weird dream…(yes, 2 posts in one day)

News updates at the bottom…

Some of you have seen this video already. I uploaded it last night, but it kept telling me it was transcoding, so I could not post it. I got this in an email from my brother-in-law’s sister-in-law. Got that? It will be on the test.


The child laughing in that video reminds me so much of Brandon when he was several months old. One day, I came in from work, to pick him up at my mother’s house. He was sitting in the wind-up baby swing. He loved that swing. I wound it up, and every time he would come forward toward me, I would lean over and “get his sugar” on his neck. He started laughing so hard, he just shrieked with laughter. He had trouble catching his breath. My dad said, “Now that’s a happy baby.”

Now I have to tell you about the really strange dream.

We were having some kind of concert at church. I have no idea who it was…but it was a man. I remember Bro. Herb (our pastor) telling me in the dream that he was a machinist (I know where that thought came from). I don’t know if this person was just doing the concerts on the side, or if he could not make a living singing, so he was a machinist, too. Who knows.

Anyway…nobody showed up for the concert.  I mean, there were the normal ones who always show up for everything at church: my family, the pastor’s family, the youth/music minister’s family…but nobody else. We had planned a big dinner after the concert, and some thought they would just leave and not stay to eat. After all, the reason for the dinner didn’t exist any longer.

But as soon as I said, “We can still eat,” the place was full of people!  And everybody cheered. See, that’s the way it is at our church….not many come for a worship service, but man…if we have a big dinner, everybody and his dog shows up. Some of that has slacked off a little, because we have a few members that live very far away from the church. They don’t come very often for “extra-curricular” activities anymore. But in recent years, if we ran 40 in church on Sunday morning, it was nothing to have 80 show up for a big dinner.

During the meal, our pastor told me he hoped it did not happen this way when Gabe (gabrielpeter) ( and this is his website: comes.  I promised him it would not…the church would be full. See, we are wanting to have him come down and do a concert at our church (yes, in real life…not in the dream). I told Beth last night that we would advertise and put up his picture, and it would bring people in. She laughed and said it would bring the girls in, and I said, “Yes it will. Exactly.”  Is that such a bad thing?  (Gabe, do you feel used?    )

So we are still awaiting word form our pastor on the when and the if, but I’m planning ahead! Any of you Xanga people who would like to come, you are more than welcome. And we’ll have a dinner.

See…I’m advertising already.

And now I’ve got that Bus Driver and the Janitor Lady song running through my head. Thanks a lot, Gabe.

silver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glitter

Black Cloud Hovers over Holder 

Attorney General Eric Holder has made more headlines with one speech than most government officials make with a hundred. To a roomful of Justice Department staff, Holder touched on the sensitive topic of racial reconciliation yesterday and ruffled many feathers in the process. “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot,” he said, “in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards…”

Today his remarks have been plastered on newspapers and become the subject du jour on the talk shows. Many people, including conservatives, have recoiled at Holder’s observation, which ironically, only seems to prove his point. “Though there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation, we, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race.” I think the Attorney General is correct, Americans have cowered to political correctness and as a result we avoid topics like race. The solution to racial reconciliation, however, is not to be found in a more aggressive Department of Justice but in a more aggressive church where we unite around ideals rooted not in skin color but in Jesus Christ.

As Bishop Harry Jackson and I write in Personal Faith, Public Policy, blacks should not work with whites, or visa versa, out of obligation to right past wrongs or to advance personal or political agendas. We should work together because we’re brothers and sisters in Christ, and He’s called us to be unified around a biblical agenda that advances all of society.

Additional Resources
FOX News: Attorney General’s Remarks Ignite Debate Over Race Relations

A View from the States 

While the news on abortion is bleak in the nation’s capital, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a difference on life in the states. Yesterday, North Dakota helped to blaze the trail by passing H.R. 1572, a “personhood” amendment which would grant a fertilized egg all of the legal rights of full-grown adult. The bill, which leaders passed by a 51-41 margin, now heads to the state senate where leaders could define human beings as “persons” from the moment of conception. While the legislation doesn’t outlaw abortion, it will make the procedure far more difficult to defend in court.

You can join the voices in favor of personhood legislation by contacting your leaders in the following states and asking them to support the right to life at every stage: Alabama (SB 335), Maryland (HB 925), Montana (SB 406), North Dakota (HR 1572), and South Carolina (H 3526).

Additional Resources
OneNewsNow: Pro-lifers take personhood amendment cross-country

Bloody Kansas: Coming to DC? 

While President Obama’s campaign rhetoric was filled with talk of the “need to reduce abortions,” the reality could not be more different. In key positions and in his inner circle, the President has surrounded himself with hardcore, pro-abortion activists. Today’s New York Times reports that the trend is likely to continue with Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D) as the rumored choice to run the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department. Governor Sebelius’s record as Governor, a state representative, and a close ally of abortionists like the notorious George Tiller (whom she threw a party for in the Governor’s mansion) leaves no doubt she will be a strong advocate for abortion disguised as “health care.”

While a state representative, Mrs. Sebelius fought continually against parental notification, abortion waiting periods, and informed consent. As governor she twice vetoed abortion clinic regulation legislation and also a bill seeking to curb late-term abortions. If President Obama is serious about appointing Governor Sebulius to head HHS, he will be openly declaring war on the millions of Americans who support life.

Additional Resources
FRCBlog: Change Watch Backgrounder: Kathleen Sebelius


13 thoughts on “Childproof Drawer…and a weird dream…(yes, 2 posts in one day)

  1. That video is so cool!!  Your dream – well isn’t it just like that – arrange a social evening and everybody turns up – arrange a prayer meeting etc.  and only a few……so true .  Bless you girl!!!

  2. 1. I love your background picture of your kitchen . . . I believe. 2. The video made me smile . . . really BIG!        3. I enjoyed the word picture of Baby Brandon! :goodjob: 4. The dream: Now was that for real? OR was it just a way to start the commercial? Come on, ‘fess up, Lady! :flirty: 5. If I lived in the area I’d come. (Even w/o a meal; but after all of the things that you’ve shared on Xanga . . . I’d almost be afraid to try to bring anything . . . nothing would measure up; well, maybe I could bring in some of my Filipino food.) :shysmile: 6. But we aren’t there, so . . . I’ll just have to listen to him on YouTube again. 7. I’m trying to get caught up on life, Xanga (oh, yeah, that is life), school work, etc.:whew: :wave: :love: Muchliest!

  3. @C_Just_Bible – 1. Sort of…that’s our dining room area, which is just off the kitchen. 4. Oh, yes…I actually did have that dream. I can even still see some scenes of it in my mind. I can see the scene where I was sitting next to our pastor at the dinner. Only it did not look like our fellowship hall looks now. It looked like it did in a very old picture of the fellowship hall, from when my parents were young….probably 60 years ago. I am probably the world’s worst about dreaming about things going on in my life, and mixing up events from real life, all into one dream. That’s when it gets weird. Some of the ones I’ve had about Ethan in the past are REALLY weird!
    Oh, that would be so great if you were here. We’d have one big Xanga reunion! :yes: And I’d eat your Filipino food! :goodjob:

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