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Some of you may be getting tired of all this news, but I think we have to make sure that people hear about what’s happening in our governement and our society. We, as Christians, cannot roll over and play dead. We have to fight for what is right.

I am just about convinced that if the Democrats would pay the taxes they owe, we would not have financial troubles: Tax troubles for president’s chief of staff Emanuel’s rent-free Washington residence draws questioning

Think American Muslims aren’t violent like in the Middle East? Beheader hubby was hero to U.S. Muslim activists

We must pray for our law enforcement officers (my nephew is’s a dangerous job): ‘Jailhouse Islam’ converts gun down U.S. cops

At least this is good news: Ramos, Compean freed from prison

This one is too long to post, although I want to. It’s Michelle Malkin: ACORN and Obama: Together Again. It’s well worth taking the time to read. She tells it like it is. Several large cities are being targeted for civil disobedience. When you can’t get your way legally, throw a fit like a 2 year old.

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Pig Pen: Obama Signs Pork Package into Law

With one stroke of the pen, President Obama vaulted into the record books yesterday, signing what may stand as the largest spending bill ever passed in the history of America. The legislation itself is eight inches thick, so large, a White House aide joked, that it “needed to be strapped in with a seat belt on Air Force One.”

Instead of relieving debt, President Obama’s “stimulus” is expected to add $9,400 more debt to every family in America. According to the Congressional Budget Office, that may be a modest estimate. If the programs created by the stimulus are made permanent (as the late President Ronald Reagan said, “A government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!”) the 10-year cost of this bill will be $3.27 trillion–almost triple the initial amount. Let me put that into perspective. If we spent a dollar every second, it would take 31,688 years to spend one trillion!

Unfortunately for U.S. taxpayers, there seems to be no caboose on this money train. The ink had barely dried on the stimulus before President Obama called for another $50 billion to stabilize the housing crisis. The auto industry is also striking while the money press is hot, lining up for another $17 billion handout–on top of the roughly $20 billion carmakers already received from Washington. Wall Street’s finest are not far behind, as plans for a TARP 2 (Troubled Assets Relief Program) are already underway.

Additional Resources
U.S. News & World Report: Obama Signs Stimulus Bill, Expresses Cautious Optimism On Economy

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The State of Our Unions 

During our rally in Maine last week, the urgency of these state marriage battles really hit home with the crowd. One local legislator who supports traditional marriage was brutally honest when he said, “Look, I already have a stack of letters in my office from supporters of gay marriage. You’re behind.” As we speak, a dozen or so states are on high alert for legislation that could radically alter the family. Unless you and your church family engage, we stand to lose a lot of important ground. For an update on where the biggest storms are brewing or how you can make a difference in passing a marriage protection amendment, see the list below. For more information, a marriage map, and important phone numbers, visit

Connecticut: SB 899 would “codify” the court ruling that legalized same-sex “marriage” in the state. If the bill passes, it will legitimize same-sex “marriage” through the legislature.

Delaware: Although they will be introduced as “domestic partnership” bills, HB 5 and HB 10 (expected at the end of March) would confer all the benefits of marriage to same-sex couples. The movement for a marriage protection amendment has already begun. Legislation that would define marriage in the state constitution will be introduced in the Senate on March 17 and could be voted on as early as March 27.

Hawaii: HB 444 and SB 458 are one vote away from creating civil unions in Hawaii. State Sen. Robert Bunda (D) is the only undecided member of the legislature, and he is under enormous pressure to side with the homosexual lobby.

Indiana: This is the last week for legislative hearings, and the marriage protection amendment (SJR 15, HJR 7, and HJR8) risks being blocked by the House–again!

Maine: Sen. Dennis Damon’s same-sex “marriage” bill (LR 1069) is expected to be debated at the end of February. The best chance we have to beat the bill is in the Senate, where three supporters of traditional marriage are said to be wavering.

Maryland: A marriage protection amendment is in play in both the House (HB 913) and Senate (SB 647), while a bill that would establish civil unions (SB 565) has been released to the Senate for first reading.

New Hampshire: Two competing bills, one in favor of same-sex “marriage” (HB 436) and one which would knock out the civil union law and define marriage as the union of a man and woman (HB 453), are being considered in the House.

New Mexico: A domestic partnership bill (SB 12) passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and is headed to the Senate floor for a vote tomorrow. If it passes, it will be reported to the House where would likely pass. The legislation would equate to marriage without being called “marriage.”

Rhode Island: A marriage protection bill (SB 0136) will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb. 26.

South Carolina: SB 0042, which would legalize civil unions, was referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary.

Vermont: Reps. Mark Larson and David Zuckerman introduced H 178 to change the state’s civil union law to same-sex “marriage.” We expect action on this threat next week in both the House and Senate.

West Virginia: Republican leaders put a marriage protection amendment on the 60-day legislative calendar but lawmakers will need tremendous grassroots pressure to move on a bill that has stalled for two years in a row.

Additional Resources
FRC: State of Marriage

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Change Watch: Moran Edition  

The White House Communications Director is a position of incredible influence when it comes to crafting the President’s agenda. Ellen Moran, former executive director of the radical pro-abortion EMILY’s List, has been tapped for the job, which includes shaping Obama’s media campaign. To learn more on Moran’s background, particularly her role in electing anti-family lawmakers, log on to

Additional Resources
FRC Blog: Change Watch Backgrounder: Ellen Moran


8 thoughts on “In the news…

  1. We’re in for a bumpy ride, I am finding myself continually becoming more and more discouraged. 
    I appreciate all of your updates. 
    Have a blessed day as we look up for our redemption and hope! : )

  2. Thank you for the time it takes to prepare and post your xanga site.  I do appreciate it and I think that all followers of Christ are saying, “Come quickly Lord” more than ever before since that prophesy was written.   This country has become a violent outrage and what is scary is that it’s just begun.  We shall all do our best and that is all that can be expected.

  3. :heartbeat:Love the background here!  Is this your kitchen??  And, :yes:  I’m glad you’re sharing this news with us, Cindy!  We do all need to be, and stay, informed about what is really going on in our country!  The ‘drive-by-media’ sure doesn’t tell it ‘like it is’!!  Another point of interest here – I just recently heard of a site by Michael P. Farris, whom you might have heard of … he has a lot to do with homeschooling … this site is in regards to the threat to our parental rights from International Treaty Law – HERE.  This sounds scary, but we know Who is ultimately in control!  RYC:  I also wanted to thank you for dropping over, and for your prayers for our friends in Malawi!  We’re still waiting to hear as to how they’re doing.  I was sorry to hear about your grandmother, too!  I know they’ve had all the necessary shots/pills to combat it, and we feel helpless being so far away from them … all we can do now, is pray!  Thanks again, for yours!  You have a blessed day … and keep the news coming!  Bless you <>< 

  4. @thats_italian – I do, too, Amelia. It just seems like we are now on that slippery slope we’ve always heard about. Things are moving so fast in a downward direction. Going toward that proverbial warm place in a handbasket.
    I’m sooooo glad we know who holds tomorrow, but I do feel sorry for all those who don’t have a clue.

  5. @Threads_of_Faith – Hi, Deborah…this is our dining area, right off the kitchen. The pic was taken on Thanksgiving 2004. It doesn’t look quite like that right now…we have all the flooring torn up to replace it. I wish the little elves would come in and get that done!
    I read some things by Farris just a few days ago. I do think one of the next steps will be to do away with homeschooling. Or at least they will try. One by one, or freedoms will be taken away. And most Americans don’t have a clue. Or they don’t care. They’re part of the problem.

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