Debbie’s shower part deux

Here’s a few pics from Debbie’s shower tonight at church. She got a lot of nice things. This is the table where we set up some of her wedding pictures, and put a few gifts:

 gift&picture table

Wedding pictures:


The cake…heart shaped chocolate with red roses:



Debbie's shower 020

My favorite kind of gift to give….different things all in one container. That’s Photographer Beth’s hand in the bottom corner of the picture.

Debbie's shower 036

She got a waffle iron, so she now has no excuse not to make waffles for John.

waffle iron

We got a laugh out of 3 of her gifts….all the same set of Pyrex baking dishes with red lids. (That’s me sitting beside her writing down what she got.)

pyrex 2

Unfortunately, we found out tonight that chocolate fountains do not run forever. The one I bought for Brandon and Rachael’s wedding, that we’ve used two or three other times, quit on us tonight. But people were just as satisfied with a bowl of melted chocolate to dip things in.



15 thoughts on “Debbie’s shower part deux

  1. Everything looks so pretty, including the Newlywed.  I must get myself some of the pyrex baking dishes with the lids….I can use that.  Have a blessed day.

  2. @Jess_uh_kuh – πŸ˜‘ Chocolate cannot run dry. It’s just tragic and unfair, and the world will end! πŸ˜† Our pastor mentioned chocolate in the morning sermon yesterday. He was listing things we get addicted to as sins, and used foods as one example. He usually laughs when he mentions something like that, and says he’s “Quit preachin’ and gone to meddlin’!” I told him he was definitely meddling yesterday :nono:

  3. Looks like Debbie was enjoying herself Saturday night, and sounds like you all had a great time, Cindy!  The table looked so pretty!  And a bowl of melted chocolate … that would have been the highlight of the night!!  Yum!!  I have a bit of a sore throat so I’m going to have to nix the chocolate covered peanuts for tonight!  :p
    RYC:  I’m so glad to hear that I’m not alone in the declutter dilemma!  I’m always afraid that someone is going to drop by unannounced, and I don’t like feeling that way one bit, either!  I just need that motivation to take that first step … and I wanted to say that I do love your kitchen here … you have my taste … I’m so into quilts, and I noticed one of the Blue Ridge plates there in the back, with the yellow flowers on it … I have a WHOLE set of that ( enough for 8, along with all serving dishes, both sizes of glasses that match, etc. ) … a friend gave it to me after her father passed away!   Wonder what I could get for that set … I don’t really want to part with it though … but maybe, if the price is right!   As for books … we have a place at our church for the school books, too … so I’m going to check into that so people could use them.  I have Abeka, Bob Jones, Alpha Omega, Saxon Math … you name it, I just about have the whole kit n’ kaboodle!  We also have a big church garage sale coming up in the spring, so I’ll try to unload some of them that way, and hopefully, get a little something back out of it.  I know the Saxon Math I could probably get a good price for … those haven’t changed, as far as I know.  I also noticed your conversation with Carolyn over at my place about the homeschool books, too … so, if Carolyn needs something you don’t have, she can check with me!  You have a great week, and thanks again!  ~ Deborah <>< 

  4. @Threads_of_Faith – Looks like great minds think alike! :giggle: I love quilts. That one hanging on the front of the antique cabinet in the pic, is squares I took from a quilt top my great-grandmother made. Some of the quilt was in too bad a condition to save, so I took several squares, and made them into a smaller top, and then quilted it. Those white squares are from Imperial Sugar sacks, and they still have the “Imperial Pure Cane Sugar” stamped on it.
    I think that Blue Ridge plate was one my mother gave me. She always picked up Blue Ridge pieces when she found them. I have several I picked up, too. I’ll have to take pics of some others she gave me. I have a set of small dessert plates. I love any of them that have yellow or blue. In the pic, those pieces on either side of that plate are Blue Ridge also. They got broken, so I used the pieces in a mosaic.
    That’s amazing that you have so many unbroken pieces that match. I’ve never seen that many, even going to antique shows. My absolute favorites though, are cobalt blue or yellow Fiestaware. My house looks like an antique store.
    I’ll let Carolyn know about the schoolbooks. I forgot to look yesterday when I was at the church, to see which Science books I still have. She needs them.

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