It’s spring

I decided to change my background pic again, since it’s definitely spring in Texas. In fact, we’re having some temperatures that are summer temps for some of you. This is Texas bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush. The bluebonnets are our state flower. I’ve always loved seeing fields of beautiful bluebonnets.

I am really behind in checking on some of you. The weekend was extremely busy. And then some time Monday morning, in my sleep, I had a seizure. I do have epilepsy, and while I don’t have seizures very often, I will have them if I have not had enough sleep. But they are always in my sleep. Some seizures just happen that way. So all day Monday, I have not felt very well.

Tonight we are going to help Brandon and Rachael move the last of their stuff. My sister and her husband are also going to help, and she is going to grill hamburgers for us. That will be really nice.

This is a picture I printed out for Brandon and Rachael, and framed it. It’s a picture of the front of their new house, and I blurred the picture. Then I printed on top of it, a prayer for their home. I framed it in a black and burgundy frame, with a cream colored mat.

Brownwind house BLUR prayer

In case you can’t read it, this is what it says:

Lord, we invite you into our house. We desire for your presence to be with us always.

Please fill these rooms with your LOVE, every corner with your PEACE, and each moment here with your JOY.

May this be a place where we live in your GRACE, and may all who enter here be blessed by You in a special way.

We commit this house to you and we ask that You truly make it a home as we live, laugh, and love together. Amen.

“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places in secure homes in undisturbed places of rest.” Isaiah 32:18



9 thoughts on “It’s spring

  1. Hi!  That is such a beautiful poem and wonderful housewarming gift.  So sorry to hear about your seizure…pray you’re feeling better.  I look forward to seeing pictures the interior of the house and all your hard work.  I owe you an email and will try and get to that today.  :love::wave:

  2. Opps.. I forgot to tell you which number to push… Joshua is doing much, much better. A little side effect of the anti-biotics, but that should clear up since his last dose was yesterday morning He is starting to sleep again – finally.. but had a big paper to write last night, so I am sure he pulled an all-nighter. These young people !!!!! I had to go down to take a Computer Power Supply to him. The one on his main system fried and he could not get one locally until next week – it is a big, powerful one because his main system is also used for his professional flight simulation software which is like a video game on steroids. It would have cost more to ship it overnight than it did for me to take it to him.. that is if you deduct the cost of dinner I was also able to scoop him a unbelievable deal ona new guitar via Craigslist. I got a Big Baby Taylor (if you know anything about guitars).. with the custom Taylor Gig-Bag, and heavy duty stand for $75.00. This is about a $500.00 guitar. The girl who sold it to me got it for grad a few years ago with an intention of learning to play it.. but never touched it. It is basically brand new. So I took that to him as well. Yeah, he is spoiled a bit. So how is Steves knee and Beths ankle??? My ankle did that for about three years after the surgery…. especially when you are on it for to long a time. Have a great day… trying to catch up with everyone… Phil

  3. @buana – Hi, Jill :wave: I thought about taking pics on Saturday, but it was such a mess with boxes everywhere. We are hoping to get the last of it done tonight. It’s raining off and on today, so I hope it stops that before we start loading furniture :giggle:
    I sent you a friend invite on Facebook.

  4. @xangpastor – Hi, Phil. I’m glad he’s feeling some better. It takes so long to get back to normal after being that sick.
    Wow…you really did get a good deal on that guitar! I can’t believe the girl sold it that cheap. She could have gotten more for it. But you certainly got a blessing. Brandon has an electric guitar and Beth has an acoustical. Neither one of them play them. But they sure look pretty. ๐Ÿ˜†
    Steve’s knee will be ok. It’s his hand that’s the real problem. Sunday he was trying to move the crosses we use in the Easter play. A humongous splinter decided to tear a hole in his hand. Not just a little splinter sized hole, but a big gaping one. It’s all bandaged up right now. I told him he can say he got nailed on the cross! ๐Ÿ˜†
    Beth’s ankle has been hurting. She’s spending a lot of time on her feet, which she was not supposed to have to do. She comes home and ices it at night.

  5. @buana – Well…I’m warming up to it more than I use to. I’ve had it since November 2007, but I did not really use it until last month. So many Xanga friends have a Facebook, too, so I decided to give it a try. It’s different than Xanga, in that Xanga’s main theme is posts and Facebook is quick notes to friends.
    If you accept the invite, then you can just kind of look around and see if it’s something you like or not. You have to be the friend of a person to see their page, unlike Xanga. Debbie (DKT1978) has one, too, as well as Bethany, Rachael and Brandon. You’d recognize lots of Xangans on there.

  6. :)What a nice house warming idea! And I love the bluebonnets!!! It is still around 45 here..brrrr! :sleepy: Perhaps you overdid it a bit with the move…..get some rest!

  7. @DKT1978 – Thanks, Debbie. I first put a yellow rose on the background, but then I thought of the bluebonnets. It’s bluebonnet time in TX.
    I actually saw that poem on another website, and thought it would be perfect.

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