23 years

Happy Birthday, Bethany Rachel Hartman

23 years old

Born Sunday, May 4, 1986 at 9:04 a.m., 9 lbs

For your viewing pleasure….a video of her being sung to by the guys at Casa Ole on Sunday night (the audio isn’t very good)…

April 2009


Christmas 2008

Beth at Thanksgiving  

August 2008

Beth 8-3-08    

July 2008

This is heavy!  

empty pan  

 The cast waiting for her cast

May 5, 2008…

Beth's heel      

May 2008


What caused her problems in the first place….Oct 2007

Beth before  

May 4, 2008 

Andy & Beth 

Beth age 4 Beth 4-27-08    

Beth 12-29-07 Beth age 3

 Christmas Day 1988

Christmas Eve 1988   Beth age 5

Beth Christmas 2002   Bethany Feb. 2006     

Bethany  Bethany Jeremy and Beth Bethany age 2   

Septemer 2007 


Beth and Stang Beth age 17

 Brandon & Bethany May 6, 1986 Brandon & Bethany 10-31-90 

January 2007

Whisker kisses Beth and kisses 003

Beth's pinkie

April 2005

Bethany April 2005  


31 thoughts on “23 years

  1. @SingingMom –  It’s not just her looks, though, dear. I can see a sweet spirit in her eyes, one that I am sure you and Steve helped to nurture. I especially love it when you post pictures of her interacting with the children in your church. It takes a special person to minister to children! :sunny:

  2. @TXMom2Jami – Thank you, Laura. That is very sweet. She does love children. VBS is fun for her. Everybody thinks she has a sweet spirit. And I hope that’s what people see first. I hope that’s what a guy sees first, although there’s been a few that were not interested in that. Their interests were elsewhere :hammer::hammer::hammer:

  3. Hey.. thanks for sharing the pics of the “Bethmeister” (hahaha)… In the Mexican Restaurant here.. they place a sombrero on your head and beat on it to keep time (hahahahaha). Thanks for stopping by.. that song.. It is Well With My Soul is one of my favorites.. and one I sang to my wifes dad as he lay dying in the VA Hospital several years ago. Blessings…PhilPS. So.. did you guys have any possum-on-a-half shell dip for her B’day?

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