Our Weekend

We had a very big weekend.

I had a good Mom’s Day. After church, we ate at Chili’s, got ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery, and went to Brandon and Rachael’s house for a movie. I had never seen The Terminal so that’s what we watched. Then we came home and I took a very long nap. I really needed the sleep.

Sunday morning, MelissaMurr and her daughter Olivia drove down from the Dallas area because Olivia had an audition in downtown Houston for America Has Talent. So they met us at our church this morning. It was good to see them again. The last time they were down here was March 2007.

Here’s Olivia, Melissa and Bethany (with Steve in the background):

Olivia, Melissa, Beth 5-10-09

And then Olivia, Melissa and me (without Steve in the background ):

Olivia, Melissa, Cindy 5-10-09

On Saturday, Brandon, Rachael, Steve, me, Heather, Bill, Laurie and Tammy went to my parents’ house to clean and build a wheelchair ramp. Tammy’s son, Jeremy, joined us part of the time. We had a very productive day.

It was too hard for my mom to get down the steps of their front porch because she is usually either in her wheelchair or sitting on the seat of her walker. We were pushing her up to the steps, then she would get out and pull herself up (or down) holding the handrail of the steps, and then get back in the wheelchair. And since my dad has bad heart problems, it was tough for him to do.

So here’s pics of them building the wheelchair ramp: Rachael, Brandon, Bill and Steve…

Wheelchair ramp

Brandon sanding the handrail:

sanding handrail

Pouring concrete to set the steps:

building the steps

Brandon (and Bill) cutting posts for steps:

cutting posts

And my sister’s dogs had to help (they weren’t that much help, but they are really cute). This is Rusty and Dolly:

Rusty and Dolly

The four of us sisters cleaned my mom’s office area. She has been our church secretary for years, and has an office at home. But they had a roof leak, and a lot of stuff in that room was ruined. She had some magazines and books stored in there, along with some clothes that had come from her aunt’s house. Her aunt died 3 years ago. We had to throw out a lot of stuff, but there was just a lot of stuff that needed to be thrown out. We cleaned a moldy wall, and mopped the floor. It looks good now.

I’m taking Monday off. I need to do a lot of stuff around my own house. But Tuesday I plan to take Mamma to dialysis.



14 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. Happy Belated Mother’s Day.  Is the Terminal the movie with Jodi Foster?  If so, that was an excellent movie.  Praying for your mom. :love:


  3. I hope that you had a good restful day today.  It seems like you needed it.  Frudrucker’s is a good place to eat.  That is neat that you have one you can get to.  Take care.  Have a good rest of the week.  Blessings and Hugs! 

  4. Wow!  Those turned out great!  (I snagged them for myself.)  Although we didn’t get to spend much time together on Sunday, I think the time we did spend with you and your family at church was WELL SPENT! One of these days, we’ll have to meet for longer than a couple of hours!
    It looks like the work on the ramp turned out good as well.  Still praying for your mom!

  5. @MelissaMurr – Snag away! 😆 They really did turn out pretty good. I was pleased. But you can see there are parts I cropped out :what: I agree….we spent the day in a good way. Wish it could have been longer.
    Thank you for the prayers. She is slowly feeling better all the time. She is eating more protein, which is giving her more strength. Today after dialysis, she was not completely wiped out, so that’s a good sign.
    That ramp makes pushing that wheelchair a breeze.

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