Genealogy of a few stars…

Laura, here’s another cousin chart. These are all how these people relate to “self”:

Cousin tree

Not much in the mood for blogging today. It’s hot in here. Our AC went out last night. The fan blades were broken, and while Steve picked up a new fan this morning (thanks to Brandon for ordering it at the supply house), the fan motor needs replacing, too. Fortunately these things are not really expensive.

I ran across this and thought it was interesting, since I am into genealogy. You probably know people you are related to, and just don’t know you are related. Several years back, I found out that I am 6th cousin to a family we use to go to church with. In fact, I dated the oldest son in high school. When we were grown, his grandmother told me she thought we might be distantly related, so I did the research, and found she is my 6th cousin. So I was dating a guy that was my 6th cousin, twice removed.

There’s a rule of thumb that some genealogists use….out of 100 people in a room, if you trace the lineages back 10 generations, you will find cousins in that room.

Princess Diana and Sarah Palin

That’s right, the glamorous former British princess and the moose-hunting Alaska governor share more than a legacy of expensive couture–they’re 10th cousins. Both share the same ninth great-grandfather, John Strong, who was born in England in 1605.


Princess Diana and Andrew Firestone

Who knew? Di is also a 10th cousin to Andrew Firestone, the good-looking member of the tire family who is better known for his turn on TV show The Bachelor. Firestone wed actress and model Ivana Bozilovic last year.


Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

They’re married, but also apparently blood relatives–ninth cousins once removed. (My note…Charles was also a 16th cousin to his first wife, Dianna Spencer.)


George W. Bush and Hugh Hefner

The churchgoing, Republican politician probably doesn’t have too much in common with Playboy founder Hefner. But “W” and Hugh share some blood: They’re 11th cousins, twice removed. Bush’s 10th great-grandfather and Hefner’s eighth great-grandfather was Thomas Richards, who died around 1650.


George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

The 43rd president and his all-powerful veep shared an important relationship before both started working in the White House. They’re ninth cousins, one time removed. Common ancestors are William and Lydia Fletcher, both born around 1622.


Richard Nixon and James Dean

The slippery former president and ultra-cool actor don’t have much in common, but are actually seventh cousins, once removed.


FDR and Sarah Palin

The 2008 vice-presidential candidate didn’t make it to the White House, but one of her ancestors did: Palin and Franklin D. Roosevelt are ninth cousins, once removed.


Britney Spears and John Edwards

The volatile blond pop singer and former presidential candidate (whose own marriage has been pretty volatile lately) are seventh cousins three times removed. Their common ancestor was John Stovall, born in Virginia around 1705.


Tom Hanks and Abraham Lincoln

There’s little resemblance, but the man who played the slow-witted Forrest Gump is indeed a relation of our cerebral 16th president. Didn’t I just catch Hanks reading Team of Rivals? (They are 3rd cousins, 4 times removed.)


Barack Obama and Brad Pitt

The current occupant of the Oval Office and the hunky movie star are ninth cousins. They share the same ancestor, Edwin Hickman, who was born in 1690. Edwin’s son Edwin Jr. is Brad Pitt’s seventh great-grandfather (that’s great great great great great great great grandfather.) Edwin’s other son, James, is Obama’s seventh great-grandfather, on his mother’s side.


Gen 9:7….As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.” NIV


14 thoughts on “Genealogy of a few stars…

  1. That’s interesting! Maybe you can explain something for me – what does the “X” times removed phrase mean? I’ve never really understood that. If you are someone’s 3rd cousin, twice removed … what does it mean????

  2. @TXMom2Jami – Ok…let’s see if I can explain….If your first cousin has a child, you and that child are first cousins once removed. Your cousin’s grandchild would be your first cousin twice removed. If your second cousin had a child, that child would be your 2nd cousin, once removed, and that 2nd cousin’s grandchild would be 2nd cousin, twice removed.  The full first or second (or whatever) cousinship steps down in each generation, but a “removed” is only stepping down on one side. Is that clear enough? I never know if I’m adequately explaining it. And of course, the direct cousin line is…..if 2 cousins have the same grandparents, they are first cousins; same great-grandparents makes them 2nd cousins; same great-great-grandparents makes them 3rd cousins, and so on.Most people don’t even know their 3rd, 4th or so on, cousins unless they have regular family reunions. Some people don’t consider it even being related if you are distant cousins. Those cousins of mine at church don’t really consider us related because it’s distant.

  3. Whoo, girl. That could get confusing pretty fast! I think I get what you are saying, but it’s one of those things that would probably become more clear if I printed a chart and filled in some of my own family’s names to get perspective. I’ve toyed with the genealogy thing from time to time, but there are so many “burned bridges” in my family that I’m not sure it is worth dealing with. Know what I mean? Plus the divorces! A lot of those, too … I am not sure they make paper large enough to hold all the rabbit trails! :laugh: But thank you for explaining it and for the chart, too! {{hugs}}

  4. @RaZeHeLL – Well, that’s really not that close. It’s still 7 generations away from each other…3rd cousins, 4 times removed. I’ll have to go back and make my chart again, but I believe Tom Hank’s great-great-grandfather was a 3rd cousin of Lincoln, son of Nancy Hanks. That would make Tom’s great-grandfather a 3rd/once removed, his grandfather a 3rd/twice removed, his dad be a 3rd/3 times removed, and Tom a 3rd cousin/4 times removed. Whew! :oh-no: :whew:

  5. Goodness!  This is interesting!  Hope all is well, and that a/c is fixed, and cooling now.  It is so blasted hot out.Thanks for the sweet comment, that cracked me up as to your nephew could be trusted as to what “cute” is!  LOL  I hear ya!  I think so much of it is a sign of the times, things are just really bad out there… It’s can be discouraging to our poor girls.  You take care now, have a sweet week as you serve the Lord taking care of your family.  Hugs!     ~Amelia:wave:

  6. Interesting – and confusing, since the removedness goes 2 directions.   AAAIIIHHH!!!!!You can see similar features on all those pairs of people.  Tom & Abe’s hairline and nose, Bush & Hefner’s noses and mouths, Bush’s and Cheney’s nose and shapes of their heads.  I heard a geneticist say once that the amazing thing about genetics is not that we are so different, but that we are so similiar, because there are literally millions of combinations of features/characteristics between just two people and all their eggs and sperms only getting half of this here and half of that there.  Personally, I think it’s a God thing!Thanks for the info!hugs,Renee

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