Cat Lovers Unite!

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my last post. I do need to clarify something though…it’s not our wedding anniversary. That’s November 2. It was the 30th anniversary of our first date. But still….30 years is 30 years!

Several of the ladies on Xanga have been blogging about ways to save money. I saved tonight (actually that would be Wednesday night since I haven’t been to bed yet), on dinner. We had left over tater tots from our Memorial Day dinner, and I had left over taco meat in the fridge. I put the tots on a griddle with olive oil, chopped them up and let them brown a little more. Then I stirred in the taco meat, and covered it with shredded cheddar cheese. Sure was good. And there’s still enough for another dinner.

Our neighbors across the street have really made me mad now. They are trapping cats. They’ve always hated cats, and you know…we have “a few.”  So do several other people. Another neighbor called me this afternoon, and said she just wanted to let me know that the people next door had a cat trap in the front yard. So I went out, stood out in full view, and took pictures of it. I know they saw me…that was my intention. They know I’m watching them.

I’ve told you about the now deceased dad in that family before. He was a hateful old drunk that hated cats. He tried to drive up on the neighbor’s yard one night to run over their cat. Beth was just a few feet away on the tailgate of that neighbor’s truck. I often saw him put antifreeze along the edge of the street, so the cats would drink it. He also shot one of our kittens, and the kitten of the aforementioned neighbor.

I saw one of them go out this evening and add whatever they are using for bait. So it’s shortly after midnight right now, and I am fixing to go foil their plans. I am going to spray odor eliminator in the trap to get rid of the smell that attracts the cats. Steve said we should trip the trap, so it will be closed and no cats can get in. He said he hopes they catch the biggest, nastiest possum around.

Another cat-loving neighbor said the trap should mysteriously be broken so it won’t work. I’m not going to break it, since it probably belongs to the city pound, but I’m going to deter their stupid plan. Tomorrow I am going to go buy cat repellent, and every night, I will spray that trap. I can stay up waaaaaaaayyyyy later than they do!

EDIT: I’ve got tears rolling down my face, I’ve been laughing so hard. Steve just said I should go pull the bait out of the trap, and leave a note….in “LOLcat speak,” saying, “Thanx, but can we haz cheezburger?”

the trap

California School District to Teach Elementary Kids about Homosexuality

The same day the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8 — the state’s constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman — a school district in the state essentially decided to disregard the ruling.

The Alameda School Board voted 3-1 on Tuesday in favor of a curriculum that promotes same-sex relationships beginning in the first grade.

“This curriculum defines family as a group of people living together,” said Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action. “The first-graders are introduced to a book called ‘Who’s In a Family?’ and this book shows herds of male elephants as an example of a family.

“Is this really what we want to be teaching the next generation — that there’s nothing unique about mothers and fathers and that a family is nothing more than a group of individuals?”

Parents are not allowed to opt their kids out of the program, which school officials claim falls under “anti-discrimination” provisions.

Cushman said family advocates in other states need to take note.

“Parents should be on the alert,” she said, “for so-called ‘anti-discrimination’ or ‘safe school’ measures being used as an excuse to push this sort of teaching onto kids as young as 6 or 7 years old.”

Pro-family groups are considering legal action.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Learn how to counteract pro-gay teaching in your school.


For Marriage, the Supreme Test

Our friends in California barely had time to exhale–let alone celebrate–after yesterday’s Proposition 8 victory before the second wave of litigation came crashing down. Less than 24 hours after six justices upheld California’s same-sex “marriage” ban, an unlikely duo announced that another suit had already been filed, this time with the U.S. Supreme Court in its crosshairs.

Although the paperwork was officially filed four days before the Prop 8 ruling came down, it’s expected to get plenty of publicity after today’s press conference in downtown Los Angeles. This time, the Left is calling in some big guns, two men who represented the opposing sides of the legendary Bush v. Gore case in 2000: former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson and attorney David Boies. Together, they’ve launched a federal attack on Proposition 8, claiming that homosexuals have a “right” to marry under the U.S. Constitution. As part of the suit, the plaintiffs, two homosexual couples, have asked the U.S. District Court of Northern California for an injunction against Proposition 8, which, if granted, would recreate the “right” of gay and lesbian couples to marry in California.

While FRC and our allies have been prepared to wage this war, none of us expected the battle to arrive on the national stage so quickly. Olson said yesterday, “This is a federal question… [It’s] an issue that will get to the Supreme Court, and I think it could well be this case.” For the suit to land at the doorstep of the U.S. Supreme Court, a decision would have to be appealed from the District Court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Obviously, those are a lot of “ifs,” particularly since the 14th Amendment argument for counterfeit marriage is nothing new. For years, homosexuals have claimed that defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman violates the Constitution’s due process and equal protection clauses. FRC has said it before–and we’ll say it again–there is no federal constitutional “right” to same-sex “marriage.”

The members of Congress who wrote the 14th Amendment in 1868, and the state legislators who ratified it, could not possibly have envisioned or intended this application. Everyone has an equal right to marry in this country, but no one has an unlimited right to marry “the person of their choice.” No individual can marry a child, a close blood relative, or a person who is already married, and in 45 states and the District of Columbia (Vermont and Maine would permit same-sex “marriage” under laws that take effect this September) no one can “marry” a person of the same sex.

Ironically, the very first sentence of the Perry v. Schwarzenegger complaint includes an explanation of why marriage is defined as the union of a man and a woman. Quoting Loving v. Virginia, the 1967 case that recognized a right to interracial marriage, it says that “marriage is one of the ‘basic civil rights of man,’ fundamental to our very existence and survival.” But marriage can only be called “fundamental to our very existence and survival” because of its role in encouraging and protecting the only type of relationship which results in the natural reproduction of the human race.

Homosexuals have failed in the court of popular opinion, so now they insist on suing their way to legitimacy in the courts of America. Even if they succeed in making Perry v. Schwarzenegger the Roe v. Wade of marriage, neither side should expect a resolution to this debate. As with abortion, the Supreme Court’s involvement would only make the issue more explosive. As such, it’s time for the far Left to stop asking judges to redefine our most fundamental social institution and leave the decision of marriage where it belongs–in the hands of the American people.

Additional Resources
Associated Press: Gay groups call federal marriage suit premature

Hate-Crimes Bill Threatens Texas Children

The Texas Senate could vote today on a hate-crimes bill that applies to children. HB 824 has already passed the House. This is bad news for Texas families.

Under the legislation, children could be prosecuted for hate crimes against those who define themselves by the subjective standard of “sexual preference.” And judges could force kids convicted of hate crimes to attend a re-education program that teaches them to accept the homosexual lifestyle, and perform a “community service” project to serve such groups. A child’s religious conscience would be violated, and parents will have no control over the content of such programs or projects.

Jonathan Saenz, director of legislative affairs at Free Market Foundation, testified against HB 824: “This type of ‘thought police’ law is further evidence of a desire to control people’s minds, shut down free speech, and prevent them from having opposing views, particularly on the issue of homosexuality.”

Please contact your state senator today and ask him or her to vote “No” on HB 824. To find contact information, visit the
Free Market Foundation’s Action Center.



16 thoughts on “Cat Lovers Unite!

  1. @Made2sing4Jesus – Oh, and I didn’t set one foot in this neighbor’s yard. I stood in the yard next door, and sprayed across the property line :ROTFL: That hateful neighbor’s yard is sure gonna smell kind of fruity in the morning, though. 😮


  3. I think your neighbors are mean, mean, mean! I know my daughter is having a problem right now with cats, though. She just planted her garden and the cats are digging in it and using it for their bathroom. They keep digging up her plants, and she is so frustrated! Does that cat repellent stuff really work?

  4. @DanishDoll – It does to a degree. It probably won’t stop a really determined cat, though. Tell her if she will put lava rock in the garden, it will help. They don’t like to dig in lava rock.I’m trying to keep most of our cats in the house, but there are some that stay outside all the time. They usually stay in our yard, though. If some of the others are outside, I check on them frequently to make sure they are OK. And we bring them in at night.

  5. *sigh* My first reaction to your neighbors are “What a bunch of nuts!” :hammer:  How cruel can people be?!  :eek:That is just sick, just sick to actually have neighbors doing that!  Oh my goodness, my neighbors would probably blown the trap up or something, the good thing about my street is most are animal lovers here, they would be horrified at that.  That just freaks me out that people would do that.One of our sweet kitties was shot in the head above his eye with a pellet gun a year or so ago, he survived, but mysteriously disappeared later.  So apparantly we have some nuts lurking here too.Your casserole sounds good, I love doing things like that, using our leftover food for lunches and redoing them for suppers etc. : )I’m here on xanga but really having to limit things timewise, I’m having to put the petal to the metal on that course I’m taking or it’s going to creep up on me, and I’m going to be in a big fat mess.   It’s been one crazy week.  I appreciate your blogs and your good common sense way of sharing things. : )     ~Amelia:love:

  6. @thats_italian – Thanks, Amelia. You are so sweet. I’m praying right now about your course. I know there are people who don’t like cats, but some just get nasty. It’s one thing to not like them, but it’s a whole different thing to be mean. And the mom/grandmother of this family professes to be Christian. Yet she has no problems with being mean. You would not know they were Christian, though, if you were around them. It’s one of the very last things you’d suspect.

  7. Hi Cindy!  You mention these are mean people and so they may be.  However, I think you know me well enough to know that I am not a mean person.  So…let me add a little different side concerning roaming cats.First, let me say I/we do not hate cats.  I even had a black cat when I was growing up named Midnight.  Now, with that said, let me say that we were forced to purchase a small animal trap and do use it from time to time.  Our neighborhood is full of free roaming cats owned my two of our neighbors across the street.  After we have seen the same cat in our back yard on four occasions the trap comes out.Now before you think we are terrible let me share what these cats do and you tell me what you would do to keep them out of our fenced back yard.  Notice I also said back yard not our front yard.  They prowl the yard killing birds we feed, they have eaten fish out of our ornamental pond, use the bathroom in my flower beds, and the final straw is they jump up in our window sils and scratch our window screens.  They also scratch our back door screen and sit there and mewow at us through the back door.  Also, give me a legitamate reason, other than it is legal for cats to be free roaming, why cats should be able to come into our yard just because they can jump fences and do all the above mentioned.  If we wanted a cat to take care of or deal with, we would have one of our own.Let me also say the cats are not mistreated in any manner.  They are taken to our local humane society and placed for adoption if their owner does not seek the humane society for their missing cat.  Let me also say that these same owners do nothing to inhibit the fast reproduction of more offspring.Now here is a new issue for us this year.  We now have someone’s two tame bunny rabbits they’ve set free living under our pool shed.  How do we know they are tame rabbits?  They are much larger than the wild rabbits who from time to time we see in our yard.  One is white with large gray ears and the other one is solid black with white ears.  This year I spent  $200.00 on Wave Petunias which these same two bunnies have eaten all the blooms of in two days.  How do we know it was them?  Because we watched and photographed them doing it even after repeated attempts to show them away.  Yes, we’ve resorted to sprinkling cayene pepper on our plants before to detour the wild bunnies in previous years. But tell me why should we have to continually protect our yard from the animals of others they set free to roam?  Next we will probably have an alligator deside to take up residence in our ingroun pool!  Do we then allow it to take over the pool?  Before you think this is a little far fetched, a 3-foot one was recently caught and removed from the banks of our local river.  Whose to say the next owner who desides they no longer desire their pet, instead of taking it to the banks of the river to release it, just lets it go in the creek across the street from us and it wonders into our back yard too!I hope we can still be friends! :love:

  8. Sorry Cindy, but I’m with wolfpacwife on this one. We too had a problem with the neighborhood kitties spraying/urinating/pooping in our yard, between the hedges and the house in particular, and we couldn’t even open our windows and enjoy a breeze because of this. There was years of mulch from previous owner and it was all i could do to keep from gagging when trying to clean through it. We tried mothballs, but it didn’t matter to the cats. So we asked the neighbors if any belonged to them. One guy said they were all strays that he was feeding (right next door) so we trapped them all and brought them to the pound, one by one. We have also had to ask people walking their dogs not to let their dogs urinate/poop in our yard and you should hear the nasty words coming out of their mouths at us. It’s just called respect…if you want a pet let it go in your own yard/ litterbox. I don’t need my kids walking barefoot in whatever residue is left and if I wanted poop in my yard I’d have my own dog.One guy was so irate with the “it’s only dog feces and urine” that I said “fine, I’ll send my son over to use your yard for a bathroom, when would you like him there?” He stopped. But not without a vulgar display of immaturity directed at my ears, in front of my kids.And yes, we are Christians. We have always asked these people politely. 😦

  9. @wolfpacwife14 – @Rach59 – Wow, Sue….looks like I found your hot spot. And Rach, I’m just including you in this comment. Since it undoubtedly will be long, I thought this was easier than typing it again.First…you can have the alligator. Yes, I would kill it. I kind of think you went to an extreme in your comment. Of course I would not be in favor of an alligator in somebody’s pool (although I did know somebody that had one in their pool…Lord only knows why!)And if somebody just let their rabbits loose, then that was stupid. Rabbits don’t fend well for themselves. We did take in a rabbit that Brandon found many years somebody had turned loose. Probably a cute little Easter pet that somebody bought for their kid, not realizing the pet doesn’t end when Easter does. I think it should be illegal for pet stores to promote that kind of thing. Rachael has a rabbit, but she stays in a cage or hutch.Next, these people really are mean. If you could see what I see most of the time, you would agree with me. I think I DO know you that well. The daughter (Jane) and her husband/ex-husband/whatever the heck he is at this time, use to stand in the front yard and beat on each other, and scream obscenities at each other. (They live with her mother, Janet.) They didn’t care who was listening or watching. The police have been called many times over there. They’ve have one illegitimate child after another, before I finally saw wedding rings on her hand. One day, they were fighting (she was barely pregnant with their 3rd child), and he was going to leave. I was wishing he would go ahead and leave, because I was tired of hearing her scream about how she slept with him all the time, and this was the way he was treating her. So to keep him from leaving…she thought…she sat on the trunk of his car. That really showed him….he backed out and took off down the street, and her pregnant tailbone landed hard on the concrete in the middle of the street. They are both just complete idiots, and now they have 4 children to pass that genetic trait on to. One day, there were so many police cars blocking our street because of them, that some people couldn’t even get to their homes on our street. Fortunately, he doesn’t live there anymore. However, a couple of weeks ago, their van got scratched deeply down the side. They suspect he did it in the middle of the night. They have literally invited cats into their yard….cats that normally do not go into their yard….so that they can scream the cats did something to them. We had a fluffy yellow cat named Honey. I’m sure you remember me posting about him. Jane and husband Mark would lure him over there – out of our front yard – to play with their kids. Then they would complain that he scratched the kids, and one day told me he popped the kids inflatable swimming pool with his claws. I don’t buy it. I told them to stop trying to get him to come to their house, and Mark said, “Why?” I told him because they don’t like cats, they complain about cats, they abuse cats, but they try to draw them in. The reason is…just so they can be mean to cats.Most of our cats are in the house. The other cat loving neighbor has hers in her garage, and they pretty much stay there. But this family is intent on drawing the neighborhood cats to their house so they can do something to the cats. They are just mean. I rarely ever see a cat in their yard, unless they are out there saying, “Here, kitty, kitty.” There definitely are some free roaming cats in the neighborhood. We’ve even taken strays that stick around long enough, to have them fixed. We get all ours fixed so they won’t have more kittens. Unfortunately, there is one pregnant right now, that we did not catch in time, but she only has 2 kittens. The neighbor directly across the street has one adult cat and one small dog. They stay in the house…unless her kids take their collars off and let them outside like they did earlier this week. She was worried that they would get trapped. She wasn’t letting her animals free roam….it was kind of an accident that they got out. And she was worried that they would get trapped. When I let our cats out, I constantly watch them, just like I did with the kids when they were little. But occasionally, they get out when I don’t expect it. One of them knows how to open the front door. So if one accidentally gets out, and the neighbors are luring them over, they will get trapped. That’s just not right. These people are not just trying to protect their property…they are trying to rid the neighborhood of cats. I wish you could have seen the dad, Richard (he died several years ago of brain cancer), try to run over that cat in another neighbor’s yard that night. He was really drunk, which was his usual state. He was coming home from a night of drinking, stopped in the street, backed up, and then gunned it to try to hit the cat that wasn’t even in his yard. She was in her own yard, along with Bethany and the 2 boys that lived there. He would have hit them, too, if he had gotten away with it. We ran out when we heard the commotion. He stood in the middle of the street screaming at Steve and me, about how he hates cats. It was an unbelievable show. Janet and Richard also are the parents of 4 daughters. One day one of the daughters (she was grown when she told me this) said since their names all started with “J” just like their mother’s name, Janet called Richard “Jerk” so his name would also start with a “J”. This kind of behavior is why I say that being Christian is absolutely the last thing you would expect them to be. Richard wasn’t…they say he accepted Jesus right before he died. We know the pastor that spoke with him, and he really does believe Richard was saved. But he wasn’t through most of his life. I’m not advocating letting all animals roam freely. But I am saying that they should be allowed to go outside in our yard, without fear of the neighbors purposely luring them over there in order to trap them. My DIL, Rachael, even puts their cats on a leash when they go outside. Our front yard is full of beautiful plants, including the wave petunias. The animals don’t bother them. And we don’t have a problem with the cats going in all the flowerbeds. If anybody was going to have a problem with it, it would be us. Cats will normally pick their little spot to go in, and they return to that spot. I’m sorry if stray cats were going in your yard or flowerbeds. It probably became their favorite spot. For that very reason, I don’t leave fresh dirt showing. I cover it. So they don’t go in it. Our cats normally don’t, but other strays might. We also feed the birds. We have birdfeeders in both the front and back yards. Some of our cats have killed birds in the past, but they haven’t in a while. I have rescued birds right out of a cat’s mouth before. But for the most part, they leave them alone. Same with the squirrels. People usually think a squirrel in their yard is cute, eventhough they can do tremendous damage at times, to things like pecan crops.If you continually have a problem with a neighbor and their cats/rabbits/whatever, then that’s a different story. But it isn’t the case here. I would like to make a point, however. You said why should you have to do things to continually protect your yard from animals. The fact is, there will always be animals, wild or not. Our neighborhoods will never be completely free of animals, even if everybody keeps their pets in their yards.I am sure that you protect other things that you have. You probably don’t leave your lawnmower or weedeater out in your front yard, because people might steal it. You might lock your car if it sits out, so that people won’t take things from it. (Some neighborhoods are not bad like that, and ours isn’t…but it does happen.) A few weeks back, we had somebody try to break into the tool boxes on Steve’s truck, and one night it got spray painted. Birds obviously roam free, but it’s an accepted thing. You can’t put a bird on a leash. But if a huge flock of birds started pooping on your patio, you would do something to protect the patio. And you probably wouldn’t say, “Why should I have to protect my yard from those birds?” You’d do it, without giving it a second thought. I do it, too….I protect our things to the best of my ability. I know there’s always the chance of something getting damaged or stolen. It’s a fact of life, and I could drive myself crazy thinking, “I shouldn’t have to do this.” And yes, I hope we can still be friends.

  10. didn’t mean to cause such a stir cindy…as far as the wild animals (birds, squirrels, etc) in our yard, their poo doesn’t stink like dog poop does. dog poop actually makes me gag (badly) and cat urine is definitely odiferous!i do agree that these neighbors of yours are a nuisance as you’ve desribed them, but that wasn’t the case in our neighborhood. however, the dog people? they’re were about as ignorant as the group of democrats that i didn’t know who verbally assaulted me a few years ago in sam’s club for wearing a “w” shirt. (LOL!)i’ll say a prayer of protection for your cats!

  11. @Rach59 – Oh, no…please don’t think it did. It’s difficult to get across a mood or tone of voice on the computer. I understand the side you and Sue take, and I understand our side. I’m nodding about the dog poop. We use to have several big dogs. I’m telling you….mowing our weedeating in the backyard was not a pleasant thing 😆 We kept them in a fenced off area so we could have some yard that was free of that. Wow…I can’t believe people attacked you in Sam’s for wearing that shirt. They want us to be tolerant of their views, but the other way doesn’t seem to work for them :oh-no:

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