Just a little bit more…

Why is there never enough space to store everything? It doesn’t matter how much space you have…it’s just never enough. Our pastor is always saying, “How much is enough? Just a little bit more.” It’s so true.

I’m trying to move and reorganize a few things, particularly in our “office” area. It’s really what is supposed to be our formal dining room, but we don’t use it for dining. “Reorganize” is a silly term…how can you reorganize something that was never organized in the first place? It’s so hard for me to get everything in its own spot. I love to buy organizers, and I love the thought of things being organized. It’s keeping it that way that’s the problem. Office supply stores are a dangerous place for me. I love everything in there. Some day maybe I’ll actually figure out how to use them.

I really am in the process of throwing some things out, so we’ll have more space. Steve is not much in favor of adding on another room (although I’d love to have a sunroom). He tends to interpret my wants as more work for him to do. I don’t understand.

I was moving a few things around, and the wireless router became unplugged, which means no internet. But I didn’t know it at first. I had to move the “desk” (which is really a 6′ dining table…I got tired of the desk we had), and everything that is stored under the desk, to find the wire that became unplugged  A couple of the cats kept trying to help me under there, but it’s a rather cramped space, and they aren’t that much help anyway.

can't have just one 

Which brings me to another thought….I’m really not sure why we are such suckers for cats. They aren’t useful. At least with a dog, you can teach it to do something like pull a sled. But have you ever seen cat sleds on the Iditarod? I don’t think so. The cats would be ON the sled, waiting for a dog to pull it. Or a human.

I set up a “playpen” for the kittens. Yes, of course it’s in the way. And the kittens are not that happy that I’m not letting them just run free. But tiny cats tend to get stepped on, or slip into the pantry without you knowing it, until you shut the door. I’m trying to teach them how to use the litter box, but they aren’t getting it yet. They like to sleep in it, and then use the cat carrier for a litter box. I put in an old comforter for them to sleep on, so they are now snoozing comfortably.



When they are running around and get tired, they come and sit on my feet, no matter what I’m doing. They want me to pick them up and hold them. The little white one, Snowy, just purrs every time I pick him up. (The little gray one just fell off the comforter and looked at me like, “I meant to do that.”)

Beth is not working today, so she went walking at the city park earlier. She’s fixing to go to the bank for me, and run some errands for herself. She’s been doing Weight Watcher’s for a while now, and Steve started last Friday. He and I have both lost 4 pounds.

Last night I fixed us pizza, but made up my own recipe. It was pretty good. Now if Pizza Hut is your thing, and you don’t like anything else, this won’t work for you. But it only had 2 Weight Watcher points per piece, which is very good. I’ll let you in on it, in case you want to try it:

1 pkg. Oroweat “Double Fiber” English Muffins; 1/2 lb very lean ground beef (I bought 93/7); 1/2 cup Hunts canned spaghetti sauce – any flavor; 1-1/3 cup part skim mozzerella cheese; onion to taste…..

Place the english muffins face up on cookie sheet (12 pieces). Divide the other ingredients evenly over them. Placein 400 degree oven till cheese melts. 2 points for each piece.

The less fat, and more fiber something has, the lower the points. The Weight Watcher program really makes you more conscious of what you are eating, and what you should eat. If you go on something like NutriSystem, they provide the food, so you never learn to do it the right way, choosing your own foods.

But it really puts a kink in your plans when you go out to eat. We usually go out every Sunday afternoon after church. Our favorite places are Chili’s and Casa Ole. As you can imagine, most things on their menus are waaaaay too high in fat and calories. Beth, Rachael and I like the chicken club tacos at Chilis. It’s close to 2000 calories.  Of course, that’s more than I should have in an entire day. If I get 2 chicken club tacos and a side salad, it’s still 36 Weight Watcher points. It’s a good thing you get 35 “splurge points” a week.

So I had a post all ready to go earlier, till the router got unplugged and the internet stopped. I lost that post.  So this is what you get instead.

I sat down here earlier to day, and started reading scripture. So many things came to mind to post about. I’m working on it. It is just amazing what you see in scripture, when you say first, “Ok, God, show me something new.” He will show you layers of meaning in scriptures, that you never saw before.  



5 thoughts on “Just a little bit more…

  1. how can you reorganize something that was never organized in the first place?   Oh LOL!!!!!  I know what it is like.  Those kitties sure are kewt!!!

  2. I can sympathize with the whole “a place for everything” longing. Sometimes I wish that the walls of our apartment could all step back about five feet. LOL! Then I would add some extra shelves and closets and we would be all set.

  3. @Neeka1 – Thanks :wave: We’ve named the white one Snowy, but I don’t know yet, what to call the gray one. It’s been suggested we call him something like “Gray striped cat #10.” 😮 Beth said we should take the names of all the cats we’ve ever had, and do like the weather service does….they reuse hurricane names after a certain period of time. :what:

  4. I love how you said the kitten looked at you like he was saying “I meant to do that”.  We used to say that all time the about our kittens..theyd get into so many crazy situations. I love this post. So funny. Doesn’t look like the Nanny job is going to work out. I spoke to the woman and she said there will be overnights…days at a time.  This is not what I banked on.  A Nanny for the day is fine, but not overnights.  Oh, well, praying for other options.  How’s your mom doing?  Blessings.

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