The Great Escape

 *Sigh*…Well…it was a good idea for half the day, anyway….

The Great Escape

Little stinkers.

New bumper stickers:
Paying your mortgage
Keep the change
why work
work harder

Good News: San Diego County Apologizes for Targeting Bible Study

Good News: San Diego County Apologizes for Targeting Bible Study

San Diego County officials agreed Wednesday to rescind a cease-and-desist order issued to a pastor holding a Bible study in his home.

They originally told the Rev. Dave Jones to stop hosting his study — which draws about 15 people — because it was an “unlawful use of land.” He was told to “stop religious assembly or apply for a major use permit.”

Later, Walter Ekard, chief administrative officer for the county, wrote: “I want to offer my apology to you, your wife and your congregation for the unfortunate events of the past several weeks. My review of the situation shows … a major use permit is not required for the Bible Study you have in your home.”

Dean Broyles, president and chief counsel of The Western Center for Law & Policy in California, said he was encouraged by the county’s response.

He said: “We look forward to working with the county to ensure that the clarification of its ordinances and training of its personnel are implemented promptly and efficiently so that all citizens of San Diego can be assured that their constitutional rights are protected, whether they’re holding Bible studies or hosting Boy Scout meetings.”


9 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Kitties seem to be like babies; they’re smart and mobile! Maybe you should put a good sturdy netting over the top! We don’t have kitties but they sure are cute!  Love, GAil

  2. I love the kitties escape routine. They are smart little imps.I’ve learned from mine that if you don’t want them in a certain room you better secure the door shut good.

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