Happy birthday to my sister

Yes, I know it’s 4:15 a.m. and I should be asleep. But Steve is working some weird hours, and I stayed up very late after he left for work about 2:15. I am going to bed shortly.

I’ve stayed up doing some cleaning up, straightening up, and throwing out heavy trash. In the last 2 days I’ve done 6 loads of laundry, and I’m trying to get them put away.

And I had to love on all the kitties. That takes a while.

Today my “little” sister is 50. It just doesn’t seem right. Tammy is 2 years and almost 3 months younger than me. When she came home from the hospital when she was born, I thought she was my own little baby doll, according to my mother. Later, I got 2 more sisters.

Here are the 4 of us at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding, November 18, 2006. We just happened to be standing lined up by age, beginning with the youngest:

Heather, Laurie, Tammy, and me. Laurie will be 50 in 3 more years. How did we all get so old?


And yes, I am short, but in my defense, they all were wearing heels in this picture, and I had taken mine off because my feet were killing me.



5 thoughts on “Happy birthday to my sister

  1. It’s fun to see people with their siblings! I never would’ve guessed you all were related! Happy 50th to Tammy! I hope you’ve told her it’s just a number! Love, GAil

  2. @DanishDoll – @Richgem – As we have gotten older, we have grown apart in our appearances. But when Tammy and I were little, people always thought we were twins. We were only 2 years apart, and Mamma dressed us pretty similar, so people assumed we were twins. But I don’t think we looked alike. I’ll have to post a pic of us when we were little. Heather (far left) and I are 8-1/2 years apart, but we look the most alike. In fact, the dietician at the dialysis center my mom goes to, got us mixed up. When I was a teenager, I looked older than I was (apparently, because people always said so). If I took Heather shopping with me, which I did sometimes, people thought she was my daughter. She looked younger than her age. I don’t really know why they thought she was my daughter, because I would have been a mom at 8-1/2, but I guess crazy things happen 😮 People were probably saying, “Look at that girl…she got pregnant at such a young age!” 😮 :lol:Laurie is a throwback, I guess. She got the olive skin of our Indian ancestors, and when she was little, she looked very much Indian. She looked a lot like my maternal grandmother. She is married to a man of Mexican descent, and I think people assume she is Mexican also.

  3. @DanishDoll – @Richgem – Forgot to say we are all within 2 or 3 inches of each other in height. Tammy wears heels only Barbie could wear, so she always appears much taller. Heather is 5’4″, and I’m roughly an inch shorter, but I have not measured my height in a long time. I think I am now shrinking due to the arthritis and degenerative disk disease in my back. Man…I did not need to lose height! :what: Our mother’s grandmother was only 5′ tall.

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