My new little treasures

I had to run some errands on Wednesday afternoon. I had to go back to Lowe’s and get a few things for the remodeling we are doing in the kitchen. Lowe’s and Home Depot are dangerous places for me to go. It’s kind of like going to the mall for other women. I have very little interest in malls. Give me Home Depot or Lowe’s any day.

I needed to go several places, including Hobby Lobby…another dangerous place. But next door to Hobby Lobby is a little antique mall. Now that’s the kind of mall I’m interested in. I intended to go in there and find something in particular to go on a shelf in the kitchen.

The best laid plans. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I found a few other things. Some of the stuff in there is not really antique, and actually, it’s just junk. But there are a handful of good shops. I love certain types of antiques…primitive style like Shaker furniture. And I love pitchers and mixing bowls. Expecially blue and yellow ones.

antique chest

The little chest most likely had a 4th drawer on the bottom, originally. There are slight wear marks on the inside like where a drawer slid in and out. But I love it anyway. I knew when I saw it that it was coming home with me. But the fact that everything in that shop was 20% off made it even better.

pitchers and bowl

The bowl is not old enough to be an antique, but neither is a lot of stuff in that mall. However, it was half price, which made it irresistable. The first irresistable thing about it was that it is cobalt blue. This won’t be a mixing bowl that sits on a shelf. We’ll use it. Steve said it would make a good chef’s salad bowl.

The yellow pitcher is called yellowware. Imagine that.  Here’s a good picture of some yellowware. I have several pieces of it. My favorites are the yellow mixing bowls with blue bands painted around them. This pitcher was well used, because the bottom is very worn, and the inside is pitted. There’s a lot of crazing in the glaze, which are the tiny cracks in the surface of the glaze, like this picture. Crazing happens from age and from moisture getting under the surface of the glaze. But it looks good on a shelf.

The little blue pitcher has no markings on it. I don’t think it’s actually very old…probably from the 1940’s or 1950’s. No, that’s not old! I believe it was probably made by the Hall China Company, in East Liverpool, Ohio.

I will post pictures when our little project is finished (it’s a horrible mess right now, so you don’t get to see), but this is the “pressed tin” I am putting up on our kitchen walls.

pressed tin

Some day maybe we’ll finish the 40 bazillion other projects we’ve got going.



12 thoughts on “My new little treasures

  1. I have a little shop like that near me…..they remind me of my gram and I like to go in there and just look. đŸ™‚ How do you plan to display the dresser with the missing drawer?

  2. @DanishDoll – Thanks, Mae. My kitchen is not one you’d see in a remodeling magazine. It’s more like you see in a country decorating magazine. It’s what I’m comfortable with and it allows me to use my imagination. I enjoy that. I guess it’s like art work for me.

  3. @buana – Hi, Jill…I had not been antiquing in a very long time. Steve and I use to go together, but we stopped doing that years ago. There’s another antique mall not far from our church that I would love to go back to. We’ve gotten a lot of things there in years past. I try to limit it to fairly inexpensive things. I got the chest for $52, the yellow pitcher for $6.75, the blue pitcher for $2.70, and the bowl for $4. Those are pretty cheap finds except for the chest.

  4. @SpazzyMommy – I’m actually not sure yet what I’m going to use the chest for. I’m still thinking on it. I may just use the bottom part as a display area, or possibly set a small basket in it. And probably as soon as I figure something out, I’ll change my mind :oh-no:

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