A Laundry List

Gabe, I have been wondering if THIS is the kind of internet you have. (Hey…I’ve been resisting asking you that for a long time now!)  I couldn’t resist any longer. (Thank you…you may return to your normal life now.)

Our pastor is on vacation, so Steve is preaching in the morning. Our youth & music minister, Dave, is preaching tomorrow night. Steve told Dave earlier that there are probably several groups who will consider his message to be “hate speech.”  Hate speech is anything that steps on people’s toes and says, “What you are doing is wrong, and you need to stop.”

Next Sunday, one of the missionaries that our church supports is coming to speak. His name is Sam Nolasco, and he is in Costa Rica. He has a blog, although he doesn’t post often: Ministering in Costa Rica . And Bethany is singing that Sunday.

Our house is not one you would see in House Beautiful. But you might see it in Country Living. We are not a family that lives in one of the more upscale homes in the Houston area. Although our house is relatively large, it’s in a more modest neighborhood. When we bought it nearly 30 years ago, this neighborhood was upscale. But there are neighborhoods all around us now with houses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’re not doing it. This is home, and it has been for almost 30 years. 

If you have never seen pictures of our home, you can go HERE.

Look at your own risk….it isn’t finished yet.

We still have some trim work to do, and I have to stain the wood. It will be a light color. And I have to do some work on the quilt. I am going to trim it on the right end to better fit the space, and then put a border on that end and the bottom. But this is the project we have been working on…our laundry area, which is in our kitchen. It used to be closed behind bi-fold doors, and was crammed with stuff. But I wanted more counter/serving space, in addition to a redesigned laundry area. I looked at many pictures online, before I decided on what looked best for our house, and what we could afford.

Steve built a wood countertop to rest on top of the washer and dryer. We paneled the space in wood paneling, which I stained. The countertop lifts out in case work needs to be done on the washer and dryer. It’s heavy, made out of 2 inch lumber. It’s built to last.

The “pressed tin” that I covered the walls with (in this corner only), is actually not tin at all. It is a convincingly real looking plastic backspash material . Very easy to install…you just cut it with scissors. I glued it to the wall, with a few finish nails to tack it into place. I love it. Then Steve put the tongue-and-groove panels on the bottom of the walls. We still have to put trim pieces on the top of that. It matches our ceiling, and another wall in the kitchen.


The curtain rod easily lifts off of two heavy black screws to make doing laundry easy. Opening the curtain is not enough, because it is in the way of opening everything on the washer. But it was the way I had to do it.


There are 2 shelves over the space, behind the white curtains. Everything is neatly stored in baskets or tin crates, which I love. So even if the curtains are open, it still looks neat. I found the tin crates at Lowe’s. They are big enough to even store an 8-pack of paper towels! I also make cakes from time to time (like wedding cakes), so some of my “not used very often” cake pans are stored in one crate. There are 4 crates up there.

laundry storage

On the shelf overhead is my Flow Blue china and a few pieces of Steve’s mother’s Fenton Milk Glass. Here’s a history of the Fenton Art Glass Company.  I also have a piece of Carnival Glass that was also made by Fenton. It’s not my favorite, but it belonged to my great-grandmother. My mother use to have a ton of Carnival Glass.

Steve made those shelves (over the door) years ago, out of wood we got while “dumpster diving.”  Near my parents’ house is a cabinet shop, and they throw out some gooooood scraps. Scraps plenty big enough to make some nice things out of. These shelves are mahogany. They have since moved their dumpster behind a fence where you cannot get to it, but 25 years ago, we use to get a lot of stuff from it. I don’t know why they care if we get it…it’s trash. My family is a woodworking family and they love beautiful wood. We’ve gotten many pieces of exotic woods from there.

Here is a video on how Flow Blue China was made:


8 thoughts on “A Laundry List

  1. :heartbeat:,Love the pics… I think it looks great!!Hey, when our pastor goes out of town, Charlie gets to preach, too! We are proud of our guys!Have a great Sunday!Hugs, Connie

  2. @daisymae81 – Thanks, Connie :wave: Yes, we are proud of our guys. I know Steve stepped on toes this morning, but that’s ok. It was a really good message, and he forgot to record it. Guess it’s hard to be the sound guy and the preacher at the same time :hammer: :oh-no:

  3. This is looking GREAT, Cindy! It’s perfectly you. 🙂 Clever idea regarding the removable shelf over the washer/dryer. Thanks for posting photos – I always love to see what you’re doing next! :goodjob:

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