New Pictures

Cornyn Questions WH’s Call to Report ‘Fishy’ Behavior on Health Care

Read Pottermom’s post. It’s good.

Mamma was doing much better today. Daddy, Heather and Laurie went up to see her at 5:00 Wednesday afternoon. She has been moved to a more private area of the cardiac ICU, but the nurse said she really doesn’t need to be in there anymore. She’s doing well enough to be moved to a room. Her heart surgery will not be until next week. She’s going to be in the hospital for a very long time. Monday will be 2 weeks.

It’s been a while since I took pictures of Beth, so here’s a new one. This was Sunday morning……….


And Andy gets bored sometimes and has to do art work. This is Sparky the Deer….


12 thoughts on “New Pictures

  1. @DanishDoll – Sorry I forgot to come back and comment….as best I can remember (which these days isn’t very good 🙄 ) I don’t think they had the thatched roofs. These were like row houses, all attached to each other, but each one looked entirely different on the front. I thought they looked really neat.

  2. @JusticeMom – Thank you, Carolyn. It is taking a toll because we are so tired. The nurse told me tonight that we really must get someone to stay with her at night, because she is getting up without help. Tonight she passed out and they caught her, but she hit her head. So we’re making plans to stay at night with her, which is going to be hard.

  3. @JusticeMom – Me and all my sisters. We have been taking turns getting Daddy up to the hospital. He doesn’t do freeways anymore, so we have to take him. And now the 4 of us will have to take turns staying with her at night until she has her bypass surgery next week. :sigh:

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