I’m thinking there would probably be a few keys missing on my keyboard…..


15 thoughts on “Mmmm…..

  1. Yummmmmmmmmmm….Still praying for your dear momma…My mom’s surgery was postponed last week due to a urinary tract infection, but she is set for tomorrow morning now…Emily should have her back surgery the following week.Love ya muchliest!!!!!!!!!!!!  paula sue

  2. @heyheypaula – I am praying, Paula Girl. I know Em must be in a lot of pain. It appears Mamma is not having her heart surgery for a while. We’ll see how it goes. They are moving her to an acute care hospital to get her stronger.

  3. @gabrielpeter –  :giggle:Did Beth tell you I forgot about you? :what: I was writing dates on the calendar with the other ladies on the church fellowship committee. We filled in October 3 as our normal workday at the church. Karen said, “Isn’t that when ‘that other guy’ is coming?” We have a concert this month, and she couldn’t remember your name, so you are “the other guy.” I thought about it a minute, and then it hit me….”That’s when Gabe is coming!” Bethany laughed at me and said she was going to tell you. :oh-no:

  4. Thanks for the update and for your prayers for us, too….Em will have surgery next week.  My mom had surgery, after it got delayed, on Monday.  I am at my house to water flowers right now, but will be taking him back and forth to the hospital this week and staying at my parents’ house each night to take care of my dad.  I probably will have brief times online each day when I come to water.  Love ya muchliest!!!!!!  paula sue 

  5. I have read down this far. I see that  you have been really going through so much of late. I hadn’t been on Xanga for awhile (as you know) or on FB much lately either. I’m going to have to figure it all out… I love Xanga, and FB for different reasons. I just need to get it together. Love you, my friend.:love: (and I think that computer keyboard had my name written on it!! :laugh:

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