Odds and Ends….and pictures

I’m having a little trouble getting back into posting. I’ve been so busy coming and going, and sometimes posting seems like an extra chore. And I’m battling a slight depression. Now, that’s just a common side effect of another neurological condition I have, and I am very used to it, so don’t anybody think I am fixing to go jump off a cliff or anything. God can handle it.

I went to the doctor with Bethany yesterday. It was a follow-up visit with the endocrinologist. Yes, I know…she’s 23, and doesn’t need Mom to go to the doctor with her. But we do that lots of times, because 2 sets of ears are better than one. And I understand her condition very well, so if the doctor says something she doesn’t understand, I do. (Yes, there are some doctor visits where I do not accompany her.)

She is hypoglycemic, which is a type of pre-diabetes. Diabetes is rampant in our family. And I mean, Type 1, insulin-dependent diabetes. It’s a genetic thing. How I escaped it, I don’t know. I do have mild hypoglycemia, but nothing like hers. But with hypoglycemia, her blood sugar sometimes drops so low, so quickly, she must get sugar into her system immediately. If she has crashed too low, and is unable to eat anything with sugar (and might possibly be unconscious), she needs an injection. Dr. Chang gave her a prescription for Glucagon injections. She’s going to instruct those she works with, how to give her an injection if she needs it. At work, they all watch out for her.

She has gotten good at balancing her carbs and proteins, so that her blood glucose level does not drop too low, but sometimes it does hit suddenly. She has to eat several small meals throughout the day, to keep her glucose level steady. Sometimes if they are extremely busy at work, it’s not possible for her to stop to have a snack.

Yesterday, Bethany told me that one day when she was on her way home from work, she was at an intersection. A car pulled up beside her, but she tried to ignore it. It was a Corvette convertible….with a guy up on his knees in the passenger seat, hanging over the door of the car, trying to get her attention. It wasn’t anybody she knew…just, once again, a guy that thought she was hot, making a fool out of himself. I just cracked up.

That one is right up there with the guy that came into CVS when she worked there, and walked out watching her. He was not watching where he was going, and ran into the door. After he was out, he was trying to see in the high windows behind the counter, just watching.

She use to attract all kinds of creeps. Even old guys with tobacco juice on their faces. Ug. I just want her to attract a really nice, Christian (preferably Southern Baptist) guy. One that shares her very strong beliefs, and her very strict moral codes. A guy that does not believe in moving in together. A guy that doesn’t lie to her.

And Lord, as long as I’m asking, can you make it a tall guy that would love to join a small Baptist Church in southeast Houston (she already has many responsibilities there)? A guy that does not live in some other state would be very nice. That’s just Mom asking, please. If he’s a cop, that might be a plus. She likes cops.

Derek says she’s a man magnet.

It looks like my mother will probably get to come home from the hospital Saturday. That makes one month exactly, that she has been in the rehab hospital, with the goal of getting her strong enough for her heart bypass surgery. That will be done back at St. Luke’s Hospital/Texas Heart Institute. She actually went into the hospital (St. Luke’s) on July 27, and was transferred here by ambulance. Hospital stays get very old.

She has a bazillion doctors (well, slight exaggeration…there’s only half a bazillion at this hospital. The bazillion was at the Heart Institute.) They all have to agree on when she can go home, with the most important doctor being her nephrologist. That’s her kidney specialist. Since she is on dialysis, he makes the final decision.

So after she comes home, we’ll have to see the cardiologist again, to see if he thinks she’s strong enough. She has gained back almost 15 lbs, which was badly needed. But she could not avoid gaining, with all the special food and the Starbuck’s caramel frappuchinos we’ve been bringing her. One nurse was not happy with her eating “outside-the-hospital” food (he can just get over it), but another sweet female nurse told her, “Honey, I don’t care what you eat, as long as you’re eating something!”

Tonight is the church  business meeting, so I have to get my Treasurer’s Reports printed. Today it will be easy, since I already have everything ready to print. It’s always such a huge weight off my shoulders when all the bank statements balance, and the 2 reports balance each other!

Last week, early Wednesday morning, I got sick, just in time for the original date of the business meeting. I called and told several I was sick, and just to go ahead with the meeting. We’d just do a double Treasurer’s Report next month. But they cancelled the meeting and rescheduled, so I did not have to miss it.

I wanted to post some good links for you to read. Most of you know that I post new links to things going on in the world and in our government. I’m going to post a link to Gabe’s post on thinking about the positive. But please do not let all these news stories I post get you down. They are not meant to. They are only meant to inform you about what is going on, because so many do not read the news. We need to be informed, but not fearful. Everything that is happening, only points to the imminent return of Jesus Christ. That’s both amazing and exciting.

He also tells a story that all should take note of, and do something similar:

And Now For Something Positive

Ok, here’s a really good article on whether or not God exists:

Is There a God?

How about some pictures? Last week when I was out running errands, and heading to the hospital, I was near “our” cemetery, the one where my daughter is buried. I stopped to take some pictures. I realized in the 25-1/2 years since she died, I had never taken any pictures of her headstone. That’s soooo not normal for me, as you guys know

This is our daughter, Rachel’s headstone:

This is my grandparents’ headstone (my mom’s parents):

And these are my great-great-grandparents, Sarah and Noah Crenshaw:

They are all buried next to each other, under the bright pink crepe myrtles my great-grandmother, Bessie Crenshaw Guinn, planted around her parents’ graves.


3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends….and pictures

  1. Loved the pics of the headstones…:sigh:I am sorry you are battling depression…I know you are looking to our Lord, and I am confident He will whisper His sweet somethings of love into your listening ears…I am praying for that!:heartbeat:I am speaking at a women’s conference this weekend–the only speaker (I am actually trusting that God will be the only speaker and that I will simply be a mouth for HIm to use!).  I have four sessions and, as you know, things have been hectic here!  I say all this to simply ask you to cover me in prayer as I prepare and as I go on Friday.  I’ll return Sunday evening.  Thanks, my friend!:love:I am thankful your mom is going home. We will continue to pray for her complete healing.  My mom is not doing well, but praying she will bounce back soon!Anyhooooooo, I love ya bunches!!!!!!!!  paula sue:wave:

  2. Wow, Paula…I am praying for you and for your mom. Love you bunches, too. Maybe at some point you will have a few minutes where you can just sit down and rest šŸ˜‰ :heartbeat: :wave:

  3. Well, two of my favorite people having a conversation up there. It’s quiet around here on Xanga, isn’t it? I too am sorry that you are dealing with depression, Cindy. I shall pray re: that, and also…. why, it is not any wonder that you didn’t know about Amber. You have had a full plate, and then some to deal with lately! :oh-no: It seems like we all three have been having so many of our loved ones dealing with bad health problems this summer! God is faithful, and we do need to remember to keep praying and trusting Him in spite of all that seems to be going wrong. I too love you bunches, . . . and muchliest, too! :love:  And for now . . . g’nite! :sleepy:

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