New Pictures

Just wanted to let you all know that if I fail to comment back to you on my posts, it’s because I’m not getting emails that anyone has commented. I’m getting a little ticked at Xanga. They are falling down on their jobs. I’m also not getting my email with subscription updates.

I wanted to share some new pictures. They are on Facebook, also. Bethany not only works at the credit union (her “real” job ), and at the church part-time as our secretary, but during the holiday season, she is working at J C Penney in their photo studio. She has always loved photography. The wife of her supervisor at the credit union is the manager at the photo studio, so her employment was requested. She does do very good photography.

So pictures were taken of her. She was a test subject. I thought they came out very good:


I have not had professional pictures made of her since she was 2 years old. We’ve just always done them ourselves, since Steve and I have also always enjoyed photography. Not to mention it was much cheaper. But Penney’s is fixing to get some money out of me, because I want prints made.


19 thoughts on “New Pictures

  1. Those are great photos of your girl! One of my first jobs was in the photo studio of a department store. It was interesting because the girl I worked with was a Jehovah’s Witness. I was not a Christian at the time but we still had many very interesting discussions.

  2. @kafekotka – Thank you! I’ve wondered if photography was one of your interests since you’ve posted so many pics on your site. Her supervisor at the credit union was praying for a Christian to fill the spot she filled there. God answered his prayers. It makes work much more enjoyable when you work with like-minded people. :wave:

  3. Ooooo, they ARE good! It helps that she’s pretty, but the lighting and all is actually good! Love, GAil p.s….I also don’t get e-mail updates from xanga and have missed alot! BUMmer! 

  4. @CH1216@revelife –  :wave:Good. I’m not shutting down my Xanga…I just don’t post as often. Just have not had the interest. Thank you for the compliments about Beth. It’s funny that you said something about here eyes, because a police officer friend calls her the one with the pretty eyes. :giggle: Most people notice her height first…he noticed her eyes.

  5. Kind of hard to ruin a picture when you have such a beautiful model! :goodjob: I have some extra time this week since Mike (my self-designated Supt. of my home-school) decided that I should not keep struggling through the week with bronchitis and laryngitis. So he let me sleep in, called off school, called our doctor for an appt. this afternoon, & went with me to see the doctor and get an antibiotic & cough medicine. He then called off school for the remainder of the week. This is why I now have time to visit some on Xanga. I have my work prepared for Monday already, and can be blessed by doing on-line reading and corresponding — while resting my voice! Thank you, God for our godly husbands who You use to care for us! I thought I might have time to get in one last visit before heading to bed. Yes, I told my Supt. I’d come to bed “early” — for me — by midnight. Anyway, I’ll be back on Xanga tomorrow. Love ya’ Lady! :love:

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