Last night we had a lot of fun. Several of us who were members of our old youth choir at church, back when I was a teenager, met for dinner last night. One of the girls, Pam, had moved to Canada after she got married, and I had not seen her since her wedding. That was in 1984.

About a dozen of us (which included family members) met for dinner at Gringo’s. Afterward, we went to the church, so those who had not been there in years could see that it still looks pretty much the same. We got in the choir loft once again, and sang Amazing Grace. I made a pot of coffee, and we all sat around talking. It was a really nice visit.

This is Chuck, Sharon, Pam, Nancy, Leanah and me:


Pam and Nancy:


And what Steve calls our “Genoa Reliving Your Youth Choir.” Although this is not even close to everybody that was in the choir. There were about 25 then…

Today we learned one of our church members, Ruthie, is near death. She has been in a nursing home since February of last year. Today her son (who we call Sonny) told us that she is going downhill fast. I have known this family all my life. My dad and Sonny were in the Genoa Fire Department together when I was little. Genoa is now a part of Houston.

Sonny had said that Ruthie no longer recognizes people, doesn’t speak, and doesn’t even know a person is there visiting. But I had to see. They had been told 2 weeks ago, to come in and tell her goodbye, because it would not be long. But she’s still hanging on.

Ruthie has thought for years that Bethany hung the moon. They used to tease each other all the time. And since Ruthie always ate a lot of Tic Tacs, we always tried to get some for her whenever we could. We’d even buy them in Christmas colors for her. It’s an ongoing joke about her needing her Tic Tac fix.

So right after church this afternoon, Bethany and I went to see her. I believe she knew who we were. She even tried to talk to us. When I touched her hand, it was ice cold. I said, “Ruthie, are you warm enough?” and she said, “No.” Bethany was kneeling by her bed and she understood her. I sang Amazing Grace and It Is Well With My Soul. She started moving her mouth, so I said, “Ruthie, do  you want to sing with me?” and she slightly nodded, and moved her mouth. No sound came out, but she tried. Ruthie always loved it when we sang to her.

It breaks my heart that she is lying there suffering. She cannot swallow, so she is not eating or drinking. And they are not doing anything to keep her alive. They are letting nature take it’s course. So  please pray that Ruthie will not suffer much longer.

Ruthie would be 91 on November 2.

This is Ruthie and Bethany in February 2005. Ruthie had just had hip surgery:

And Ruthie and Bethany in February 2008, right after she went into the nursing home:

Ruth & Beth 2


And Jill….we did not go out to eat after church today. But we did just get Jack-in-the-Box.


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  1. What a wonderful gift..have your youth church choir together again!  A blessing.  I will keep Ruthie and her family in my prayers. Jack-in-the-Box..I was expecting Red Lobster :).  Loved the post.

  2. @buana – It was so good to see them again. Hopefully next year when we have a church homecoming reunion, I can see several more of them. Thank you for the prayers for Ruthie. She’s had a tough life. She had an abusive husband and he would not allow her to attend church. He also would not allow her to get medical help when she fell many years ago, and injured her knee. He “didn’t want some other man looking at her leg.” :what: As soon as he died, she came to church.She had hip replacement surgery in 2005, and that gave her another problem, because since the hip was repositioned, it threw that disabled knee out of kilter. She never really walked after that. The doctor wanted her to have knee replacement, and one of her daughters said absolutely not. I just wanted to smack that daughter. Well…2 or 3 years ago that daughter died of cancer.We love her dearly, but she deserves not to suffer anymore. I told her today that Jesus was waiting for her, and if she wanted to go ahead and let go, and go to Him, that was ok. Red Lobster is just an every now and then thing. Can’t afford that real often. It’s a lot to take 5 people there.

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