Meeting Xanga Friends

Tonight we drove out to Bush Intercontinental Airport on the north side of Houston, to meet a Xanga friend. Chet Jelinski (clintspirations) was stopping over in Houston for about an hour, on his way back to New Jersey from San Antonio.

Chet said I have an accent. I don’t know what he’s talking about!  Here’s a couple of pictures:

Bethany, Steve and Chet….

…and me, Steve, and Chet.

I just realized I never posted any pics from the weekend Gabe was here for a concert, so here’s a few:

Bethany and Gabe, 10-4-09. This was at IHOP on Sunday morning, just before he left.

Brandon, Rachael, Beth and Gabe, 10-4-09, still at IHOP…

Brandon and Gabe, flirting….…and at the church!

Gabe in concert, 10-3-09…

And Gabe with evil, glowing eyes…..

There ya go.


17 thoughts on “Meeting Xanga Friends

  1. @xThexGodfatherx – Hahaha, yeah I guess I DO have an accent, Hahaha!!!Cindy, it was an absolute JOY to meet you , Steve (the “Graphic Grenades Guy”) and your daughter, I just mentioned it in my new post….I seriously feel like I’ve known you my whole life now. It is AMAZING the fellowship we have as Christians, there is a BOND there, we “speak the same language” no matter WHAT accents we have!!!  Turns out I had more time than I *thought* to visit with you, takeoff was delayed about 1/2 hour but I did the right thing leaving when I did. GOD IS SO GOOD TO HIS PEOPLE….I continue to pray for your MOM and please pray for my DAD. Thank you guys AGAIN for coming down. The great thing about being a Christian, as you know is that if we never meet certain ones HERE we know we WILL meet in HEAVEN but I’ve been priviliged to meet YOU guys (and Mike) NOW and it was a BLESSING!!!!

  2. :goodjob:  This is GREAT!  Awwww…… I wish we could have came!  I hope there will be a next time…and I’m betting there will be, I hope so!You guys look like you are all having a fantastic time….You an accent?  Why I just cannot believe that dahling!  How could it be?  ; )   Our accents over here would have knocked’em all out let me tell you!  Ha!    I’m embarrassed to even hear myself over the phone leaving a message..   Aaaaagh.You look very pretty Cindy, what happy countenances you all have.  I’m so happy that you all got to meet.  It does my heart good to see you all together!You take care now, it’s been one crazy week for me…  And more to come!  It should be fun craziness though… And that is a good thing.  Yes indeedie dahling. : )((((hugs))))      ~Amelia:love:

  3. @clintspirations – Thank you, Chet. I was a little concerned about whether or not I would recognize you, having only seen your pictures. When you were coming down the escalator, I said, “That’s Chet!” No problem at all.We were concerned about you making to Terminal E in time, but I knew your flight wasn’t supposed to be till nearly 9:00. It’s a pretty good distance from C to E! I’ve walked it a few times. They are making so many changes in the airport, in Terminal C, where we were visiting. I couldn’t believe how different it looked since summer of 2008, when I was last there.I was struck by something thinking about us having that bond…I know that if any of us travel anywhere in the country, and need help for some reason, we can call on these friends we have made through Xanga, because we were all Christian. It’s true what you said that Xanga was not formed for Christians, but we have sure infiltrated, haven’t we? :goodjob:It was really good to meet you, too. I am glad we made the trip out there.

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