Meeting Xanga Friends, part deux…

Updated            I DID forget one of my Xanga friends! Sorry, Jamie…..

I first met Jamie about 3-1/2 years ago, when she was first getting on Xanga. She messaged me about how to do something on Xanga, and we found out we only lived about 3 minutes or so, from each other. They were getting ready to move, and were selling a bunch of furniture, so I bought some of it for Brandon and Rachael, since they were getting married. Brandon and Rach bought her dining room set, which sits proudly in their house now. (Tomorrow is their 3rd anniversary already!)

This is Jamie (Jamie, I had to swipe a pic from you because I did not have one…)

I am not sure how many of our Xanga friends we have met. Most recently we met Chet
(clintspirations) yesterday, and Gabe (gabrielpeter) back in October. Their pictures are in the previous post.

I met Renee (carrensey) 2 years ago in October at a memorial service for her husband’s aunt. This is me with Renee. Please keep in mind I’ve lost a lot of weight since then . That flame-stitch shirt I was wearing was one of my favorites, but I finally had to give it way because it was falling off of me :

Cindy and Renee

We met Connie (daisymae81) and Christy (xiolagood) for the first time in September 2006, at a meeting of Xanga friends in Texarkana. Here’s the gang from that trip (Steve was there, but he was taking the pictures):

The gang again

Then there’s Paula (heyheypaula). We first met her in July 2007, when we traveled to Decatur, TX for her husband’s funeral. Paula has since been down here twice, once last December and then for Gabe’s concert in October. She’s a special lady. During that trip to Decatur (where we also saw Connie again, along with Debbie, whose Xanga name I can’t remember), we also met Paula’s daughter, Paula-Beth (w4lucy) and her husband Michael, and Michael’s parents Kenett and Larry. We also met Larry’s mom, Joan. And we met Paula’s sister-in-law, Merrilee. They have all had Xangas, but I think most use Facebook more often now.

These are the Xangans that were present at that funeral service:

The Xanga Group

Of course, I already knew Charles (mybovineneighbors) and Karen (KPinkRosebud) because they are the parents of my daughter-in-law, Rachael. And Caleb (erth2rst) is her brother.

I met Charla (Charjoy13) years ago, because she used to go to my church. Debbie (DKT1978) is a member of our church now. And Ethan (etool_deux) has stayed at our house many times.

(cr1213) is my aunt, Carolyn.

I have not actually met Derek (MPBOY229), but Bethany has. They have been friends for years.

And who can forget Melissa (MelissaMurr)? She and her family drove down from the Dallas area in March 2007, for a vacation, and they met us at a Mexican Food restaurant near out house. Melissa is the sister of Christy (xiolagood). This is me with Melissa:

Cindy and Melissa 3/12/07

Have I forgotten anybody?


7 thoughts on “Meeting Xanga Friends, part deux…

  1. I was hoping to meet Connie on the way TO San Antonio, but my daughter nixed the flight that stopped in the DFW airport as it was $100 more per ticket!!! But as I said to you guys that night, the great thing about being Christians is we know we will meet in HEAVEN if we never meet HERE!!!We’ve met over a dozen xangans live….

  2. I’ve only met one of my Xanga buddies (Tim Hong, who now hangs out over at Facebook). He has the most delightful wife and children! But I think we are going to have to remedy this situation and soon — you and I live much too close to each other to never have met. I still remember you offering us shelter before Ike hit. That meant so much to me! I think we need to find a Casa Ole somewhere between us and meet for lunch one day!

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