First Date


It’s been a little over 31 years this weekend since our first date. It was actually May 26, 1979, but it was the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend in 1979. Steve asked me to go to the beach…sort of. He did not think I would go alone with him, so he arranged for friends from work to have a beach party at the beach house of one of our co-workers.

See, I had turned him down once before….sort of I didn’t know I had.  We had a file cabinet behind my desk, full of candy. Everybody in the plant was on the honor system, to take a candy bar and leave money. People were in and out of there all day long. It was good candy.

He came in, stopping at the candy drawer like so many others. But he asked me if I liked Janis Ian. I said, “Not really.” I wasn’t thinking….I was working (thinking was not generally required with most of my work!) He did not say more. In later years, he told me how I stomped all over his little psyche that day.

It’s a long story, so I’ll let you read the whole story here:

Three weeks after our first date, we bought my engagement ring.

And we lived happily ever after…sort of. 

Steve & Cindy 6-24-79June 24, 1979


4 thoughts on “First Date

  1. I love the way you post these stories on their anniversary dates … you are such an encouragement with the testimony of your LIFE. Love to all of you — :heartbeat:

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