It’s me again…

I am terrible these days, about blogging here on Xanga. I have become addicted to Facebook. It’s easier to communicate there.

There’s just so much going on in my life right now, and it seems that not only do I not have time to blog, I really don’t even care anymore. We spent 3 months in and out of hospitals with my mom earlier in the year when she had bypass surgery, and then setbacks afterward.

Then July 8, Bethany had surgery again. Three years ago, she ruptured a tendon in her left ankle. She had surgery on it 2 years and almost 4 months ago. The recovery was long and grueling. The doctor, in order to make her unstable ankle more stable, broke the heel bone and shifted it 20 degrees, and put a screw in it. He stabilized the rest of the ankle by drilling a hole in the bone and running half the tendon through the ankle bone, to tighten it down like a zip tie. She was in a soft cast 2 weeks, and a hard cast for 4 more (I think…it’s hard to remember now). After the hard cast was removed, and she started therapy, the fracture in her heel re-fractured. Back in the cast.

So earlier this year she began to have pain again. The doctor did an MRI and discovered a small, benign tumor (called an intraosseous lipoma) in a bone in the ankle. We thought that was what was causing the pain. If the lipoma grows (which it was) it can cause pain when it gets close to shattering the bone. So surgery was scheduled.

After the surgery, Dr. Moss came out to tell us that he found, in his words, a nasty tear in the same tendon. We don’t know for sure how she injured it again. It could have been the day she slipped on the stairs. He said it would not take much. He did not remove the tumor because he would have had to drill into the bone again, and he did not believe that was causing her pain. He was right…her pain got better after the initial surgical pain was over.

She’s going for therapy twice a week now. She will be going back to work September 8. But we found out her insurance would not pay for therapy this time. She has a $1000 cap for therapy, and some chiropractic care she had a few months back, counted toward that. So the doctor’s office does there own therapy for much less than the therapy place she went to last time.

We are getting ready for our church’s 115 year homecoming on October 10. That means we have lots of sprucing up to do at the church. We’ve rebuilt a walkway cover that was blown away by Hurricane Ike in 2008. We’ve completely repainted and redecorated the fellowship hall. We are still working on it, but it’s coming along. We still have to repair some flooring in it, too.

We “built” a new church library. We had an old office that was being used for a junk storage room. We completely cleared it out, painted, put down new flooring, added bookshelves, and added comfortable furniture. We also ripped up carpet in the secretary’s office and put down new flooring. We’ve added new lighting and ceiling fans.

We have also redone some flowerbeds in the front. They look so much better. Our friend, Karen, put in many hours on that. She is now working on redecorating our older ladies’ Sunday School classroom. It was long overdue.

Starting in September, we are painting the outsides of buildings and repairing siding.

Two weeks after the homecoming, on October 23, Nita is getting married. Nita is 85, but you would never know it. This is certainly not her first wedding (she’s a widow and has been married twice), but she never had a wedding. So I am doing her wedding: making her dress, cake, flowers, and doing the decorating. It’s going to be beautiful, if I say so myself It’s a lavender wedding.

After this is all over, I just want to do absolutely nothing for a while. But you know that’s not really a possibility. October 31 is our Fall Fest. Then November is Thanksgiving. We’ll have a church Thanksgiving dinner a week or so before Thanksgiving. Then, of course, December is Christmas.

I need to go ahead soon, and have my other knee replaced. It has gotten so painful that it hurts every time I take a step. October will be 2 years since the other knee replacement.

Brandon now has Crohn’s Disease. Google it if you don’t know what it is. He first developed ulcerative colitis at 14, but it has progressed to Crohn’s. He may have to go on immunosuppressant drugs soon. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Brandon will be 29 in November.

On June 2, my cousin died of cancer. He would have been 50 this past Sunday. He battled cancer 5 times since he was 21, but he went on to get married and have 3 children. They miss him very much, as do his parents, brother and sister. He spent his last week in a hospice, but he said God would get the glory from this somehow. That in itself is an amazing testimony. We’ll see him again. Maybe sooner than we think.

Last November, Beth was robbed at the Credit Union twice in 9 days. Well, Monday, there was a bank robbery in northwest Houston. The bank robber jumped the fence into the power plant where Steve was working, and they were on lock-down for several hours. I know…my family attracts the crazies.

I’ve changed my background picture to one taken in October 2004, when we had a welcome home party for Ethan. It makes me think of fall, and I am ready for it. We’ve had heat advisories for the last 11 days. Sunday afternoon it was 102, with a heat index of 109. I know…not nearly as hot as it gets in Iraq, but still pretty warm. I’m ready for cool weather.

I’m adding a few pics of our church repairs and flowers for Nita’s wedding. Click on them to make them larger. You’ll just have to look at some of them sideways. They are straight on the computer, but when they uploaded to Xanga, they were sideways. I don’t know if that can be fixed.




And this is Bethany’s incision:

I knew you’d want to see.


19 thoughts on “It’s me again…

  1. It was good catching up with you, but I am so sorry to hear of all the trials you and your family have been facing. Where would we be without the Lord, right? I know I have been going through some stuff, too, and I hold on so tight to Him! May God give you the strength and grace to run the race for Him. May you rest in Him and find yourself renewed. May your heart always be singing with hope in spite of trials, and may God bless you and your family abundantly! HUGS!

  2. :wave:I for one, really miss your posts..I know Facebook’s easier, however, for me, I’m not always on it and miss out on a lot.  I still love reading blogs.  So sorry to hear about Bethany. Goodness, what a terrible thing.  Again, I saw a blurb on Facebook and was planning on messaging you to see what had been going on.  I will keep her in my prayers.  Loved the pics and look forward to possibly seeing wedding pics on YOUR BLOG…LOLOLOL:grin:

  3. I check my facebook and xanga every day, but I agree, facebook is easier.  It’s funny though, if I spent as much time on xanga as I do facebook I could write many blog updates, but it’s just more tedious I guess.I can definitely sympathize with you on events of life.  I’m sorry that all these things are going on, but we both know He is with us in the midst of it all.  I think I could literally write the script for a good soap opera with the events of my life over the past few years, especially since one certain individual came into the picture. (Thank goodness he’s out of it now though)I’m just happy to see my daughter happy now.  I still don’t know how I’m going to handle her moving with my granddaughters to Indianapolis, but I’ll survive I’m sure.Hmm, still can’t type a lot because of this left wrist.  I had severe tendonitis in that wrist and had surgery almost 6 weeks ago and it still hurts. :eek:Love ya girl!

  4. Great to hear from you again!!! šŸ™‚  You’ve obviously been incredibly busy- and OUCHIE on Bethany’s foot!!! pretty picture as your background!! šŸ™‚ God Bless and Keep your chin up!Cass

  5. I really miss the blogging. Fb is fast, but it just doesn’t totally do it for me. I blog less than I used to do, but I try to do it at least once a week to two weeks max now. I really enjoy reading the news on the people that I’ve come to know and love on Xanga.    Your church’s celebration may be the birthday of my grandson… he’s due on Oct. 9, but babies don’t seem to necessarily come on the day predicted by doctors moms, etc. The lady who you mention re: having a wedding coming up soon reminds me of my grandma (my dad’s mom). She outlived all three of her husbands; and she was pretty old by the time she married the third time. (Probably 80-something) Who says love is only for the young?! Best wishes to her… so nice you are helping her to have a very special day…. and so blessed to have such a good (& talented) friend as you to help her! Wow! You guys have been through it health-wise…. I’m sorry to hear about Brandon’s problem with Crohn’s; no fun… but I know that it can go in remission. We’ll have to pray that is what happens for him. Hugs to the Hartman’s — the 5 of you humans — not the felines! :grin::heartbeat::heartbeat:

  6. I am recovering from xanga burnout. I was getting tired of my daily entries and few people reading/commenting but I am back and making some new friends and things are better….I am on facebook to and it is faster than xanga, mostly small comments on peoples’ posts…I do like the blogging here….Glad to hear from you again!

  7. @DanishDoll – @CrystallineFigurines – @buana – @NaNa2003 – @guestbrief – @JusticeMom – You guys, I am so sorry I have not replied to all your wonderful comments. I never got one email saying anybody had commented, except for Mike’s last comment. Since I’m not on here very often, I did not even see them. Thank you all for taking the time to comment.As those of you who see me on Facebook know, I can add my dad’s surgery to the list of stuff. He had to have his pacemaker/defibrillator replaced on Sept. 21. We were scheduled for the week before, but just before he went into surgery, they canceled. They said his blood platelet function was not good enough, which would have caused too much bleeding in surgery. He’s doing better now, just sore from the surgery. He’s a walking miracle…he has survived 21 years after a massive heart attack. He’s had several heart attacks, 2 bypass surgeries, too many angioplasties to count (he has 7 stents)and 5 pacemaker/defibrillator surgeries. He’s also had surgery to fuse 4 vertebrae in his neck. He’s been through a lot and is still kicking. Tuesday afternoon, he was out clearing brush on their property. :what:

  8. Hi Cindy! I think of you every now and then. Now I know why you’re not on here much; you have PLENTY to do! And your Houston heatwave…it’s been awful in Phx., but that’s perfectly normal. I’m glad we’re at a higher elevation; our sun is intense at 95 but it cools down to the 50s at night. Anyway, leep on going, girl. My hubby has been spending alot of his time with our church’s remodel (ancient church) and it’s amazing how UNappreciative and picky and devisive some of the people have been! They all want their say NOW but were quiet when they had the chance to speak up. Ay, ay,ay. I keep threatening to leave ‘cuz I get weary over all the dysfunctioning people there. I’ll be praying for Bethany’s healing. ( : Love, Gail in AZ

  9. @Richgem – GAIL!!! I miss you. You need a Facebook šŸ˜† I know what you mean about the complaining. Although some did speak up, they were just overruled. I want to tell them, “If you don’t like what we’ve done, just be quiet. The majority vote counts.” We also are passing around some kind of creeping crud. Beth got sick, Brandon got sick, and I am coughing, but hoping not to get this. We have to sing at our homecoming in just over a week. Please pray that we get over this junk :heartbeat:

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