Our convict puppies don’t like being in the new pen.
puppies 3 
puppies 2 



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  1. Awww, poor puppies.  😦  I love that one with the sleeping cat.  That was hilarious.  “Dogs have owners, cats have staff.”  😆

  2. :fun:Okay, It is “official” my latest post is for you! :lol:By the way “tweetie” for some reason had the idea of this joke today. I was like hey that gives me an idea and the rest is history. Having Fun, Sharon:fun:

  3. Awwhhhhh how adorable (this by far is one of my favorite of your posts)!!!  I love it.  RYC My problem isn’t getting the Christmas ornaments out… it’s putting them away!  *snorting uncontrollably*
    You have a wonderful day Cindy!
    (((((((lotsa hugs)))))))
    – – Annalissa

  4. I think they know how “good” they’ve got it!!! 
    😆 I don’t know if they know or not. Behind them are 3 insulated dog houses lined up. Right by the gate, Steve built a covered area for their food so it won’t get wet. On the other side of the gate we have an automatic watering dish. It’s connected to a water hose so it’s always full. The hose is in the shade of 2 trees, so the water always stays cool. There’s little grass back there, so they can dig to their hearts’ delight. I don’t know how they could want anything else. Except out.

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