Update 4:35 p.m……I’ve been emailing with Jami again. She needs some serious prayer. I am very concerned about her right now.

sparkle flag sparkle flag sparkle flag sparkle flag

Want to see a pretty boy? This is Mr. Whiskers.

pretty boy Whiskers   

We had been playing and he was getting sleepy. His eyes are starting to droop.

red fireworks red fireworks red fireworks

Alright you guys, the lighting is not very good here, but these are some good looking pink flamingos!   And not a trailer park in sight, Sharon!  I’ve been out planting these things in the back yard. Elephant ears, caladiums, coleus. There are 2 varigated gingers to the left and a blue plumbago to the right, that you can’t see.  Now I’m covered with mosquito bites.

flamingos cropped  



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  1. Just stopping by to say I should be back up and running by this weekend.  My chest is still killing me and I can’t seem to catch my breath even still.  I don’t have the fever anymore though…so that is a good thing.  Have a great one!  TJ

  2. I love the flamingos and the whole garden.  But what is the backdrop?  Looks like some kind of bamboo shade or something.
    I will be praying for Jami.

  3. :goodjob:How Beautiful! I hope you enjoyed my “joke”. Yea, you will be safe as long of the “plastic” bird flu stays away. :pKinda needing to be “goofy” right now–I’m not sure if I shared about “tweetie” not being able to take his FINAL test to get his pilot’s license. Hopefully, will be able to do this soon. Take Care, Sharon:wave:

  4. :sunny::heartbeat::sunny:
    Hey Cindy, I hope you have a blessed Fourth weekend!  we are planning on going to the beach on monday and then we normally volunteer at the festival downtown, but this year, we are not as we are taking g-ma, my 10 year old cousin and Brandon.  We have never had him on the 4th…
     :wave: Pray for rain, at Night!! :wave:
    Blessings! jamie

  5. Jamie, I was thinking a minute ago that it looks like we could get some rain. I know it’s supposed to. We aren’t doing anything special except Sunday after the morning service, we have a pot luck dinner. But it’s indoors, so no worry of rain :laugh:

  6. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ  Mr. Whiskers has THAT look in his eyes. 
    I will look for that Black Cohosh next time I’m in the pharmacy.  The bad thing about the herbals is that they are not FDA approved or regulated. 

  7. If you get one of the name brands like Nature Made or Spring Valley, they are safe. Mine is Spring Valley from Walmart, and I have taken it about 10 years. It really helps.

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